Page of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Page of Wands


enthusiasm, exploration, discovery, free spirit, a faithful lover


setbacks to new ideas, pessimism, indecision

Visual Description of the Page of Wands:

The Page of Wands stands atop a hill in the midsts of an arid landscape. The only greenery to be seen among the rocky mountains and dry hills are the sprouts at the top of the wand he holds. It is firmly planted in the ground. He isn’t going anywhere as of yet, but he looks at the tip of his wand with delight. On his garments the salamanders represent growth. He is brimming with ideas and optimism, but hasn’t started his work. He has the potential to unleash growth in the landscape around him should he wish to do so. The barren landscape is no match for his ability to make things flourish.


Divinatory Meaning of the Page of Wands:

Upright Meaning of the Page of Wands Tarot Card:

The Page of Wands does not necessarily represent the querent themselves. This card could point to either the querent or someone who possesses these qualities in the querent’s life. If this person is not obvious they will soon enter the querent’s life.

“There is a certain amount of power to do things within you. In fact you have unlimited potential to make something out of nothing, but in order to unlock this potential you need to start taking action. Dreaming about a brighter future won’t make it materialise out of thin air. Luckily you have the enthusiasm to make it happen. Your spirit is feeling lighter than ever and now is your chance to set it free!

It’s time to discover what you can do. You are capable of much more than you realise. All it will take to unlock this potential is to find exactly where it is your powers of manifestation lie. So explore a little and see where things start happening for you.”

If this meaning doesn’t resonate with the querent they will find someone in their lives that will help unlock this potential within them. THis person will be vibrant and brimming with new and exciting ideas. It is also possible that they will find these qualities in a lover, although this card doesn’t guarantee the querent will be meeting someone who will become their lover. They will however find a certain faithfulness in the person they are already if they are in a relationship.


Reversed Meaning of the Page of Wands Tarot Card:

As with the Page of Wands in upright position, reversed this card could relate to the querent or someone in their lives. Thus, if the querent does not resonate with the meaning of the card they must be aware that someone in their lives could bring this meaning to them.

“You’ve come to a standstill. You had some new ideas, but in the meantime they have fizzled and burned out. You’re pessimistic about the future, unsure of whether you will be able to reach the goals you have set for yourself. You don’t know whether to continue on this path or just quit while you’re ahead… At this point you’re not sure of much at all as your drive and focus have dissipated.

In order to bounce back you need to unlock your passion. There must be something that still inspires enthusiasm in you! Use this as motivation to start working towards your goals again, even if it means setting new goals.”

If this meaning doesn’t resonate with the querent, they are likely to meet a naysayer that will oppose their ideas and goals. The querent should pay this person no heed, even if they are close to them. The querent has a great potential for success, and while sage advice is always welcome, listening to a naysayer will rob them of this opportunity.