King of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

King of Wands


honest and conscientious married person with a friendly demeanor


unyielding but tolerant, severe but good

Visual Description of the King of Wands:

The mighty King of Wands sits on his throne. He knows he has earned his position and still holds the power that brought him to his position in rank as represented by the salamanders and lions, which both represent the fire of passion and strength. In his hand his wand is blossoming, showing the life potential he still holds. The salamanders are biting their own tails, a symbol that the King of Wands is infinitely ready to hold onto his position, regardless of what obstacles he may face.


Divinatory Meaning of the King of Wands:

Upright Meaning of the King of Wands Tarot Card:

The King of Wands represents either the querent or someone in the querents life. Thus the following meaning should be read and due consideration should be given to ascertain who the relevant individual is.

“You have worked hard to get to this point in your life. You’ve gone through a multitude of obstacles and now you’ve reached a happy, prosperous place where you feel confident in your powers to overcome any future obstacles. You know that things won’t always be easy, but this doesn’t perturb you. In fact you welcome challenges, because you know they present an opportunity to grow stronger.

This steady confidence leaves you with a happy disposition. You don’t need to prove your worth, you already know how worthy you are. As a result you can be friendly to those around you as there are no ill feelings towards them. You are however conscientious of their position and considerate not to evoke bad emotions in those that cross your path. You can be open and honest as a result and enjoy pleasant interactions with anyone you wish to engage with.”

If the querent does not resonate with this meaning it shows that a person with these qualities will enter the querent’s life in order to help them achieve this level of success. This person, including the querent, is not necessarily married, but this card shows that marriage may be on the way for the querent or that a lovers’ quarrel will soon resolve.


Reversed Meaning of the King of Wands Tarot Card:

Reversed the King of Wands is a card about teaching. The ruler has to be severe in order for the lesson to truly sink in. It is however not a negative omen. The querent will either be required to take a strong stand or someone will be stern with the querent. This will all be done for the greater good of everyone involved.

“You are being called upon to exercise your skill at helping others achieve success. This might require that you take some severe action, but you will be able to be fair. The person you are being asked to exercise control over may not understand the lesson behind your actions yet,  but in due time they will thank you.

For now you need to be strong and teach this person that, while things can be a struggle at times, hardship teaches you new skills and the inner strength one gains through overcoming challenges is priceless. Don’t yield in your mission, but remain tolerant of the person and their circumstance.”

If this meaning relates to someone other than the querent it is likely that the querent will be the one who is required to learn a valuable life lesson at this time. They are reminded to remain calm and focus on the task at hand. If they complete the lesson well things will become much easier for them in the future and