How To Use Tarot Cards (The Beginner’s Guide)

How To Use Tarot Cards (The Beginner’s Guide)

If you’re a beginner reading this, or a seasoned pro just scrolling through, you’re probably wondering how DO I use tarot cards?

Firstly, when you’re starting out with Tarot Readings and you’ve decided which deck resonates with you the most (it’s very important to find a deck you connect with and there are a LOT of decks out there, here are some of the most beautiful and coolest ones out at the moment…) the next step is to start doing some Tarot Readings. And the best way to do this is to really understand…

How Tarot Cards Function

Tarot has been used for centuries as a tool for divination. It’s a way for us to connect to the Universe and discern what energies are influencing us and in turn which energies we are putting into the Universe, and of course to see what the outcomes of this will be. So, tarot cards are merely a tool we can use to tap into and understand the energies at play in our lives.

But they also grant us the gift of seeing energies that are working in our lives unseen and that is what makes them such a powerful tool. Because, with tarot cards, you can see the unseen and plan your future accordingly. They really are a great tool to help you shape the outcomes in your life, by avoiding catastrophes and embracing blessings. With some practice you will learn..

How to Use Tarot Cards Effectively

You see, each card has its own special meaning, embedded in the symbols and images on the card itself. Most decks offer a guide book that will give you the meaning of each card, but that’s only the beginning of getting a clear idea of what the Universe is trying to tell you.

You also need to take the spread you’re using into consideration. There are a plethora of different spreads you can use. Each one is designed to relay a different kind of message. So, once you have a question in mind (which is a vital part to getting an accurate Tarot Reading), selecting the right spread is almost just as important. The position of each card in the spread is also linked to a specific meaning.

Then there is also the Arcanas. Arcana means mystery, and the Major and Minor Arcanas pertain to different types of mysteries in your life. The Major Arcana represent life lessons that cannot easily be avoided or altered. These are necessary obstacles you need to face and overcome on your spiritual journey. The Minor Arcana represents everyday events that you can avoid if you take the right precautions. By using the different Arcanas in your spread you can learn what the Universe is warning you about and how to either prepare yourself for the inevitable, or avoid the uncomfortable situations altogether.

Of course the Tarot isn’t all about doom and gloom! You will also be informed of any triumphs or inevitable joys that may befall your path, should you choose to follow the path you are currently walking. Because, as with everything, the future in in a constant flux, changing as you change. Which means…

Tarot Cards Serve a Greater Purpose

While some people believe that Tarot cards are just a tool to demystify the future they are actually much more than that. Tarot Cards serve a much greater purpose! They are a way for you to plan your life!

For example, let’s say you’re doing a 3 card relationship spread, where you draw a card to represent the past, present and future of your current relationship. In the past position you get The Lovers in upright position. Your present card is The Devil in upright position, and your future is the Three of Cups reversed. Now, at first glance this looks like a dismal spread, like the relationship is doomed and the love you once had is lost forever…

But on deeper inspection….

The Lovers in the upright position in your past shows that you have a deep connection to your partner. The Devil at present shows that you’re going through necessary change. You and your partner may be having some difficulties, but it’s time to let go of old baggage to make room for something new. These cards are both Major Arcana cards, so you can’t avoid what’s represented by them.

The last card is a Minor Arcana card though, so the “pain and ending” represented by it doesn’t necessarily mean that your relationship has to end… What could be happening here is that you’re carrying a lot of animosity and therefore you’re refusing to let go of something which has influenced the cards to show that if you carry on the way you are at the moment the relationship will probably end…

BUT, if you decide that the relationship is worth saving… And you work extra hard at letting go of past baggage and grudges, you can save the relationship, Because there is still the strong connection represented by The Lovers…

So what this spread is actually saying is that you have a choice to make, and if you decide to make the relationship work you need to work on letting go of the old resentment to make space for new, deeper connections. If you don’t you will cause a lot of pain and the relationship is likely to end. So, you also have a choice to avoid the unnecessary pain you would cause by acting on your anger if you just end the relationship now instead of trying to cling onto everything, the relationship and the unconducive beliefs that you’re being urged to let go of.

So, now you should have a better understanding about how you can use tarot cards to help you change your future and make the best choices at the best times. It will take a bit of practice to really tune into what message the Universe is trying to give you through the cards, but once you crack the amazing potential of the tarot you’ll be forever grateful that you put in the effort!