Tarot Birth Cards and Their Meanings

You’ve heard about astrology and star signs, but did you know that Tarot cards can also reveal key secrets about your life based on your date of birth? Tarot Birth Cards gives you insights into your innermost desires and the path you are meant to follow in this lifetime. 

By discovering your Tarot Birth Cards’ meaning you can learn what your destiny is in this lifetime as well as your soul’s true purpose, which stretches through multiple lifetimes. Birthday Tarot cards are based on the journey of the Fool and they reveal which part of this journey your soul is experiencing in your current incarnation. Understanding your birthday Tarot cards can help you understand and work with your key characteristics and personality traits. 


Tarot Birth Card Calculator

There are a few ways to go about calculating your birth cards, each with their own special meanings, so for the best understanding of yourself and your spiritual path you can try all of these:


Your Core Purpose:

For this method, each number in your birthday is counted as a single digit. For example, 19 April 1987 will be counted as 1+9+0+4+1+9+8+7=39. All numbers above 21 are reduced again, in this case, 3+9=12. So for this example the core purpose is revealed by XII – The Hanged Man. For this Tarot Birth Card Calculation the upright meaning of the card reveals the core purpose of the individual.


Your Personality and Soul Cards:

Your personality card reveals your personality traits and what you are here to learn in this lifetime. Your soul card reveals your soul’s purpose through multiple lifetimes. 

To calculate your personality birthday card add the day, month and year of your birthday together to get a four-digit number. For example 19 April 1987 will be 19+04+1987= 2010. Once you have the four-digit number, add each digit, in this case, 2+0+1+0=3. So for this example, the personality is expressed by III – The Empress.

If the four-digit number adds up to more than 21, add the digits together again, for example, 2 March 1981 would come to (02+03+1981= 1986 = 1+9+8+6 =) 24, which is then reduced to (2+4=) 6, for a personality of VI – The Lovers

If your Personality card is a single-digit number like in the examples above, your Personality card is also your Soul card. But, if your Personality card’s number is two digits, for example, 12 (as is the case if you were born on 21 July 1991), then your Soul card is calculated by adding the two digits together. In this case, 1+2=3. So if you were born on 21 July 1991 your Personality card is XII – The Hanged Man and your Soul card is III – The Empress.


Your Path and Strengths Birth Cards

With this method of calculating your Tarot Birth Cards, you will reveal the path you are on in this life and which of your strengths you should use to fulfill your journey.

To calculate these birthday Tarot cards split your birthday into four 2-digit numbers. For example, if you were born on 19 April 1987 the numbers would be 19+04+19+87=129. Then add the first 2-digit number to the second 1-digit number. In this case 12+9=21. In this example, the first Birth card, which reveals the Path, is XXI – The World.

To calculate the second card, the Strengths, add the two digits of the first card together. In this case, 2+1=3 which is, III – The Empress.

If your first calculation adds up to a double-digit, add the two numbers together. For example if you were born on 10 May 2001, 10+05+20+01 = 36. Then add 3+6=9. The Path you are on is then revealed by IX – The Hermit. To find your second birth card, the Strengths card, if you have a single-digit Path card expand the number back to a number below 21. In this case 9=1+8, so the Strengths are revealed by XVIII – The Moon.

If this sounds too complicated you can use the tables below to get your Strength card once you’ve calculated your Path card: 

Note: There is one exception in the table above. If you’re like me and your first calculation adds up to 19, so your Path card is XIX – The Sun, then you will have 2 strength cards, X – The Wheel of Fortune and I – The Magician.

The table above can also be used to determine your Soul Birth Card once you’ve calculated your Personality Birth Card. 

Note: Single-digit Path cards are expanded to the simplest double-digit.


Tarot Birth Card Meanings

Once you know what your Tarot Birth Cards are you can learn their meaning. The best way to do this is to take the cards out of your Tarot deck and have a good look at them first. Are there any themes, colors or symbols that hold a specific meaning for you?

Once you’ve done a personal interpretation you can have a look at the traditional meaning of each Tarot Birth Card


Your Core Purpose Birth Card Meaning:

The meaning of this Tarot Birth Card is pretty straight forward. The traditional, upright meaning of the card will give you your core purpose.


Your Personality and Soul Cards Meanings:

Once you have calculated these Tarot Birth Cards you can also consult the traditional, upright meanings of each card. Remember, your Personality Birth Card relates to the personality strengths and weaknesses you have in this lifetime, while the Soul Birth Card represents your soul’s purpose through multiple lifetimes.  

For example if you were born on 21 July 1991 with XII – The Hanged Man as your Personality Birth Card and III – The Empress as your Soul Birth Card the following meaning will apply to you:

Personality – The Hanged Man:

“change, reversal, wisdom, improvement, rebirth, sacrifice, intuition, prophecy”

You are here to make great changes to the world in this lifetime. You are wise and use your intuition to determine what will happen. You want the best for the world and you aren’t afraid to make personal sacrifices for the greater good.

Soul – The Empress:

“development, initiative, accomplishment, moved, evolution, venturing into the unknown”

Your soul has a mission to bring about new things in the world through development and evolution. This matches your personality in this incarnation and you can use your intuition and wisdom to fulfill your soul purpose.

When interpreting these Tarot Birth Cards note how the Personality Birth Card defines how you can reach your soul’s directive in this lifetime.


Your Path and Strength Birth Card Meanings:

To interpret these use the same method as for interpreting Personality and Soul Cards. But for this interpretation, the meaning is slightly different.

Your Path Birth Card shows what path you are currently on, while your Strength Birth Card shows what you must focus on in order to reach your best destination.


Path and Strength Birth Cards Cheat Sheet

I’ve compiled this Cheat Sheet to help you find the meanings of your Path and Strength Birth Cards. While the pairs are similar to the Personality and Soul pairs the interpretations are different, so don’t become confused. In this instance, the Strength Birth Card defines how you can reach your Spiritual directive in this lifetime.


Wheel of Fortune Path with Magician Strength:

Your life is filled with unexpected luck. You advance easily and fortune and success is part of your destiny. You can use your creativity, self-confidence and diplomacy to help you reach success. Your strong will and skill will also come in handy.

Magician Path with Wheel of Fortune Strength:

Your life is teaching you to be creative, self-confident and diplomatic. Certain situations call for tremendous adaptability, willpower and skill. Your main strength in this path is your luck. You know what your destiny is and you use your lucky streak to bring about good fortune and success, even when things seem difficult.

Justice Path with High Priestess Strength:

You were put here to restore justice to the world through being virtuous, and making sure things are done the right way. Your strengths are your wisdom and intuition, combined with a strict moral code. You lead through example. 

High Priestess Path with Justice Strength:

You are here to learn new things. You gain knowledge through exploring the unknown and mysterious intuitively. You can be a bit impatient at times. This is when you should stick to your morals and do what you know is right to maintain balance and honor.

Hanged Man Path with Empress Strength:

You are here to change and improve the world. You are wise and intuitive, which allows you to see what’s going to happen well before it does. Use your initiative and power to accomplish development to take action without sacrificing your own wellbeing.

Empress Path with Hanged Man Strength:

You are here to develop and accomplish great things. You use your initiative to take action, evolving by venturing into the unknown. You can use your innate wisdom and ability to change and improve things to build the world you long for, although this may come at a great personal price.

Death Path with Emperor Strength:

Your life may not be the greatest, often filled with adversity, loss, and failure. But your strengths, your stability, and protective nature allow you to take the darkest of times and turn them into catalysts for change. Rely on your solid foundations to carry you through.

Emperor Path with Death Strength:

Your life is pretty solid. You feel protected and stable. This allows you to venture out and create change in the face of adversity. You use your power to change failure into opportunity, corruption into stability and protect those around you so they feel safe to explore. 

Temperance Path with Hierophant Strength:

The universe is patient with you, so you have a good influence over those you come in contact with. You inspire moderation and economy through your forgiveness and alliances.  Your greatest strength is your mercy.

Hierophant Path with Temperance Strength:

Life is merciful. You conform to social norms easily and form great alliances because people s=view your life as an inspiration. You are moderate and patient, which gives you great managerial skills and good influence over others.

Devil Path with Lovers Strength:

You will put in more effort than others to reach your destiny. Your life seems filled with downfall, controversy, and disaster. This can leave you very ill-tempered. Use your romantic optimism to restore beauty and harmony to your life so you can be more loving and attract your destiny with less effort.

Lovers Path with Devil Strength:

Your life is harmonious and you attract romance, optimism, beauty, and love easily. Your strength is that, with a little effort you overcome any controversy r disaster easily. You are optimistic in the face of disaster and avoid downfall, provided that you get your head out of the clouds and do what needs to be done.

Tower Path Path with Chariot Strength:

Your life is filled with disruptions, abandonment and destruction. The greatest downfall on your path is the unexpected events that easily lead to adversity. Use your ability to make well-considered decisions to keep you from adversity. Don’t rush things.

Chariot Path with Tower Path Strength:

Your life is filled with decisions that can go bad easily. You tend to rush things and presume you’re always right. Use your ability to see disruptions and destruction to make a calculated decision instead of rushing into things. Learn from your mistakes.

Star Path with Strength Strength:

Your life is decidedly optimistic and filled with hope. You have great insight and faith in a brighter future. Use your convictions as a source of power and energy to take action. Be courageous and determined and your hopes and dreams will soon become reality.

Strength Path with Star Strength:

Your life gives you plenty of opportunity to be courageous and take action. You are often asked to use strength and determination to take action. Use your optimism, hope, and faith to create a bountiful future for yourself.

Moon Path with Hermit Strength:

Your life is filled with double-dealings, deception, trickery, and danger. Use your inner strength and prudence to avoid disgrace. When you spend time alone you will find that you can see through the illusions and find the light in the dark.

Hermit Path with Moon Strength:

Your life often forces you to rely on inner strength. You have learned to depend on yourself and work best when you are alone. This has given you the ability to see through trickery and deception and avoid disgrace. 

Sun Path with Wheel of Fortune and Magician Strength:

Your life is filled with accomplishment, success, fortune, love, and joy. You can look forward to a happy marriage. You are easily satisfied and live a relatively content life. You bring this about by using your luck and creativity in combination with your willpower and skill. You know what you want and how to get it and you’re confident in your ability to create your own success.

Judgment Path with High Priestess Strength:

You have been put here to help the world wake up to a new age. Your life is a catalyst for change and you improve any project you work on. You use your intuition, virtue, and wisdom to rejuvenate our planet. Your purity and ability to gain knowledge from things other people find mysterious are your greatest assets.

World Path with Empress Strength:

You travel a lot in the search for perfection, recognition, success and fulfillment. You have a knack for seeing how things fit together and this inspires you to take action and develop new ways of doing things. There is nothing ordinary about your life and you should use your accomplishments to bring advancements to the places you visit.