Knight of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Knight of Wands


generous, journey, friendly person


suspicion, jealousy, narrow-mindedness, a break-up

Visual Description of the Knight of Wands:

Atop a horse poised for action sits the armoured Knight of Wands. He is ready and rearing to go. He holds a sprouting wand in his hand, showing that he is filled with enthusiasm and ideas. The salamanders on his cloak along with the red plumes in his helmet are clear signs of his passion. There is a battle ahead, but he is ready for it. He is filled with energy and enthusiasm.


Divinatory Meaning of the Knight of Wands:

Upright Meaning of the Knight of Wands Tarot Card:

The Knight of Wands, like all court cards in the Tarot, relates either to the querent or to someone in the querent’s life.

“You’re filled with passion and enthusiasm. You’re ready for action, just like the Knight poised on his horse. You aren’t afraid of what lies ahead. Even if there are obstacles on your journey you know you’re ready to face them. You’re happy and at peace with yourself and as such you are pleasant to be around, so others are automatically attracted to your friendliness.

There is a journey ahead of you. You will know if it has to be a physical journey, but it may very well be a Spiritual one. Use what you have learned to ensure that you make a success of it. Even though things may seem difficult, you have everything you need to make your dreams a reality at this time.”

If this meaning does not resonate with the querent they will find a friendly person in their life who will reignite their passion and zest for life. This person may be a wanderer on their own journey and will therefore only be a brief presence in the querent’s life, but that will not detract from the immense potential they have to help the querent find an inner calling that has been lying in wait for some time.


Reversed Meaning of the Knight of Wands Tarot Card:

The revered meaning of the Knight of Wands is more often than not related to the querent in a current relationship. If this does however not relate to the querent there is someone in the querent’s life who has these emotions about the querent and they should be aware that this person will try to sabotage them.

“You’re having a tough time with someone. You find yourself becoming jealous easily and that’s making you bitter. This in turn is causing you to become suspicious of that person and what they are doing, which just leads to more jealousy… Why are you so jealous of them? Are you not equally capable? Or have you become narrow-minded in your belief, thereby underestimating the great qualities you already have?

You need to relax and take a deep breath. You are worth it! Work on expressing your strengths rather than your weaknesses at this time and you’ll be able to avoid pushing someone dear to you to breaking point.”

If this points to a person other than the querent the querent should be cautious not to let this person come between them and the people they love. This doesn’t mean becoming needy or overprotective, but rather they shouldn’t react to the unpleasant feelings this person stirs in them. If they do they stand the chance of making themselves adopt the situation described above. The best course of action in either case is to actively work on positive behaviours to drown out the negative feelings the Knight of Wands reversed will stirr for the querent.