Ashli C

I am extremely satisfied with Sophia and the Tarot Readings she’s provided for me she’s giving me clarity to a lot of different occasions that I’ve encountered and Thanks to her I have been able to avoid situations by looking at it from a different perspective and aloud me to know that I’m not trapped in my life situation. I now know that my situations are the weather and I am the sky! I have control over my life! Finally! She’s been here every step of the way! I’m very appreciative of Sophia she’s truly heaven sent and wonderful spirit guide!


I’m very pleased with the reading/report I received. It goes into more specific detail than the original free reading and is a larger, more in-depth reading.I believe the reading is well worth the money I spent

Maggie N

Sophia was very accurate and insightful.I would recommend her to anyone seeking guidance or enlightenment. She doesn’t just give you a personality reading or description, she gives you real life tools and guidance on what action to take to find a course that better serves you.


Have we met before? Thank you for everything.You were very accurate in all your readings. Amazing! I feel my path has runway lights now! I needed this for my present, more than my future and you delivered beautifully. Wish you well.

Kimanne F

I honestly believe that my life is going to get so very much better with your help I promise that I will not make any bad choices. Thank you in advance for your help respectfully.

Kim C

I have consulted with multiple sites and my tarot readings and they have been consistent. My intuition told me to select you.

Dana W

Very informative and insightful.It was accurate to a T that it scares me and excited me also at the same time.

Lucas W

Amazing, in me you have a loyal customer. I advise anyone to shop here.


Great the information was so precise to where I am in my life! I want more of this specific guidance to make great choices ahead.

Cheng L

I really like it and thank you Sophia Loren, for providing this website

Shirley B

I believe in Sophia that she cares and is good with predictions.This site is easy to use.


My experience has been good. Sophia is a thorough tarot reader and I trust her.


Excellent. Content had great quality, the service was exceptional & as far as I have seen so far NO mistakes.

Austin J

It’s been good and what I’ve read has intrigued me so far. I hope that these readings will give as much guidance as listed.

Rev C

It was enjoyable and informative. I am a healer and Metaphysical teacher always interested in learning new things.Thank you very much.

Tammy M

My experience with this reading was amazingly accurate. I know I am On the right path but having the universes assurances MAKE IT THAT MUCH BETTER.

Joshua G

Unbelievably real. Very happy to be learning how intricate the universe really is.


Sophia is really sweet and she knows what she’s doing. I appreciate her greatly and I hope I draw as much from this experience as I hope to.

Marlene C

I was surprised. I have been looking for a long time for a serious site like you given right now . Thank you for all you given to me.

Verlene B

This has been an interesting experience.

Angeline T

Love it! Best service ever!

Laura E

It was a very good experience and I thank you so much.

Glenda A

Still exploring and thank you.Thank you for your guidance blind spot. I’m starting to set aside and I will be careful of spending my money. Thank you Sophia.

Donald S

Sophia is so very nice, helpful and uplifting. I find it refreshing that she does not get “pushy” about her products.


I found my mini reading very informative and precise. I related to everything it contained. Some great additional offers also if wanted to extend a reading.

Danna S

I’m blown away with regards to how accurate and right on time information that only I knew about was revealed in just my free reading. Can’t wait to read and learn how to interoperate and apply my cards.

Angel D

Ms. Loren is a genuine online psychic and very accurate!


A consistently good service provided with a kind touch. The information given provides yourself with positive and constructive advice. Thank you very much.

Vanita M

I have always had a good experience. I look forward to the help of Sophia. She has helped in other areas of my life. I just wish I had someone in my life to share a reading with.

Carol A

You guided me through this stretch easily and gave me the reassurance that you would stand by my side as my spirit guide and give me your day to day guidance. I welcome you whole heartedly into my life’s journey.

Jean F

It’s not about the shopping, my original 3 cards reading was so spot on, it has already put me back in touch with my inner-self, I’m so thankful.


I am trying to Correct My finances, I have dug quite a few negative money holes, I have really liked the guidance from you, so I have been trying to be extremely careful purchasing things only for myself.


Sophia, I really enjoy your tarot posts every day. Sometimes, I refer to you as my fairy godmother, as you always seem to send posts that fit my current mindset or mood. I am very grateful to have your emails in my life, they really do make a difference to my day and help me stay alert and aware to any opportunities, or pitfalls that correspond to the current energies.

Karen M

So far, I’m delighted with the progression of everything I have read and look forward to the Grand In Depth Reading.

Kathryn K

I found that my first reading was so accurate it was a little scary. I can hardly wait for the next one.


Tarot Prophet cleared indecisiveness, pinpointed root causes of my setbacks and challenges and then gave me another approach to tackle my issues. I do recommend Tarot Prophet to anyone who wants to know about themselves and those who want spiritual advice.

Rhonda S

My first time entering into the world of tarot reading has hit so many points I am seriously dealing at the moment.

Shakia G

No complaints, card wasn’t overcharged, everything was explained clearly.


It is fantastic”. The numerology prosper a planning and they rooster reading are absolutely by wonderful and accurate.

Arthur J

Beautiful experience. Thank you

Eduardo B

I needed guidance and Sophia Lauren helped me a lot. Thank you.


Her reading was very interesting and pretty much correct- further investigation showed that she(sophia) is truly gifted-thanks again.

Gina B

It was great I love more then anything my daily readings. I get reading from you been really helping me with my gift and to accept it instead of ignoring it.

Erica D

This has been one accurate experience I am searching for guidance and god lead me to Sophia Loren I am extremely grateful and excited for this new journey!

Michele H

You were very intuitive with everything you said in your reading Sophia. I can truly appreciate it. I would like to see how our relationship grows with all that you have to offer and wish to do. Thank you so much.


Sophia is Fantastic and speaks the truth I would recommend her for anyone lost as she will help you to find your way for sure ! Or anyone who needs guidance.She is amazing.


Exceptional service and support. Maybe narrow it down to 1 reading a week and tell what category, like love, career, etc. So as not to overwhelm customer. Great talent Great service.

Shiloh T

I’m excited to read what I was told by you. Every word caught my attention. Thank you and trusting you will be with me. That is hard for me but I’m taking a leap of faith in something . Thank you and I’m going to try to suppress the fear and open up to this experience your offering me.