Four of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Four of Wands


satisfaction, harmony, kindness, peace


growth, beauty, attractive decorations

Visual Description of the Four of Wands:

The Four of Wands is a joyous cards. Two people are celebrating their success in front of a castle. The castle is the same one seen in the all the previous cards of this suit. It represents their security. They have reached the goal they set out to achieve in the Ace of Wands. A bouquet and wreath show that their enterprise is flourishing and the people before them are those that can join in the celebration as they were part of the journey. They are all comfortable and happy.


Divinatory Meaning of the Four of Wands:

Upright Meaning of the Four of Wands Tarot Card:

The Four of Wands in upright position shows that the querent is comfortable with their achievements. They are at home in their surroundings and at peace with their life and the people in it. A project has gone well and was successful and now is the time to relax and celebrate.

“Life is good, really, really good for you right now. It’s time to relax a bit and celebrate with the people that have helped you along the way. Your home is a great comfort to you and you are at your happiest there. It’s a mirror of the success you’ve had and the obstacles you’ve overcome. It is also reassurance that even when things get tough in the future you always have somewhere to return to. You may even have purchased a new house recently which is even more cause to celebrate with friends and family.

It took hard work and effort to get where you are, that’s why you deserve to celebrate your success. Things are still going well and your projects are expanding rapidly, but all work and no play makes life dull, so take this gift from the Universe and relax a little, you deserve it.”

If for some reason the querent feels pressed to continue working they should be advised to take this break while they can. It’s not every day that the Universe gives us the chance to enjoy ourselves so wholeheartedly and they should embrace the peace while it lasts.


Reversed Meaning of the Four of Wands Tarot Card:

Reversed the Four of Wands is still a good omen, but to a lesser degree. For instance the querent is more focused on decorating their house than buying a new one. They are also not entitled to much celebration, but the promise of growth is still there. They also have a deeper appreciation for beauty.

“You want your environment to be as beautiful as possible at this time. You’re spending a lot of time on decorating and rearranging things so they’re just right. This counts for your home life as well as in your career. Things are going well for you and you want your environment to match this.

While you might want to go around and make things beautiful all day long the Four of Wands reversed indicates that you’re going through a phase of growth, so you’ll still need to put in the extra effort in order to reap the rewards of success. Luckily wit this car, if you really put your mind to it, success will be yours in due time.”

The querent should not get so lost in their internal world that they lose focus. This will lead to upsets with those they work or live with as the other person’s needs won’t be heard. The querent can become so enthralled in the beauty of their own lives at this time that they neglect those around them.