Two of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Two of Pentacles


harmony, new projects, recreation


false pretenses, facade

Visual Description of the Two of Pentacles:

A performer is juggling two coins in the midst of an act. He looks happy and in control of the two coins, which are joined with an infinity symbol. This indicates that the man can continue into eternity as long as he ensures his timing and energy are balanced. With balanced resources he has the potential to maintain his focus and attention. Behind him the rough seas hold two boats. They are a symbol of the ebbs and flows of life. As a whole this card is a reminder that harmony and balance are two keys to a happy and fulfilled life.


Divinatory Meaning of the Two of Pentacles:

Upright Meaning of the Two of Pentacles Tarot Card:

The querent is being reminded of the importance of balance in life. In all likelihood working too hard and not relaxing is what they find themselves doing. While this card doesn’t indicate anything negative the querent has a chance to right this imbalance as the Universe is presenting them with a time of harmony, recreation and a chance to start new projects.

“You’re being granted an opportunity to restore balance and get things well underway in your life. Now is the time to relax and partake in some recreational activities and to start new projects. It’s a harmonious time in your life and the recent time where you were so stuck on one thing will soon be a distant memory. Now you have the savvy to manage your time better and ensure that you get enough out of life to feel fulfilled, relaxed and happy in the long run.

This will take some  skill to achieve as you have to work with your resources and energy levels as well. As soon as you find the balance during this harmonious time you’ll be able to start manifesting a lot more abundance.”

The querent is only just entering into a harmonious phase and in order to make the most of it they will need to focus a bit more energy into areas that they have neglected over the last period of time. They will find it particularly easy now that the energies of the Universe are conducive to creating a pleasant and sustainable atmosphere.


Reversed Meaning of the Two of Pentacles Tarot Card:

The reversed meaning of the Two of Pentacles shows the showmanship qualities of this card. They manifest as negative behaviour in the form of false pretenses. The querent is putting up a facade that everything in their life is in harmony and meanwhile behind the scenes they’re struggling to juggle everything they need to do.

“You’re having difficulty controlling all the aspects of your life. Not many people know how out of control things in your life have really become. You didn’t intend for things to become so hectic, but now that they are you can’t do much except pretend they’re okay… At least that’s what you keep telling yourself.

In fact there is a solution to your problem. You can start delegating some tasks to others, managing your time better, ensure you get enough sleep and, most importantly, don’t take on more than you can manage. This may seem like just another mountain to conquer and you’re already busy with everest, but you’ll find yourself a lot more relaxed, open and free in just a short period of time.”

The pretenses referred to here are the type of facade a young single parent would put up when they have to look after a child, work and manage a social life. The querent should be mindful of spreading themselves too thin and realise that instead of pretending everything is okay, opening up and sharing their stress will lighten their load considerably.