Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Queen of Pentacles


a generous person who is happy to share what they have freely, whether it’s advice or wealth


a person that cannot be trusted, they are evil and should be feared

Visual Description of the Queen of Pentacles:

The Queen sits surrounded by a beautifully green garden in full bloom. She is connected to the earth and the cycles of nature. Her stone throne is covered in symbols of wealth and pleasure including goats, fruit trees, and angels.  She lovingly cradles a gold coin knowing that by nurturing this she will maintain her material wealth. A rabbit, which sits close by shows that she is ever in tune with the cycles of nature and fertility.


Divinatory Meaning of the Queen of Pentacles:

Upright Meaning of the Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card:

The Queen of Pentacles may indicate the querent r someone in the querent’s life. This person is generous and shares freely. They have a wealth of wisdom as well as material stability and therefore feel no threat in sharing some of this with other who wish to attain the same success and prosperity they enjoy.

“You have tapped into the natural cycles of prosperity and you have a deeper understanding of what it means to nurture your wealth. You do not cling to every penny, in fact you know that sharing is usually a good way of drawing even more success into your life. There is also a sense of pride that accompanies helping someone else to find the same prosperity you have attained.

You’re so in tune with manifesting material well-being that you find it jumps up around you without much effort on your behalf. Your success is feeding itself with a little bit of nurturing from your side. This is the joy of knowing how to ensure your wealth grows through care and attention. You’ve had to put in a lot of effort to get to this point, but now you are at a stage where with a little nurture and care your wealth grows lusciously.”

If this meaning does not resonate with the querent they should look for someone in their life that has these qualities. This person will help them achieve material wealth and success in a way they are currently lacking through advice. Though the advice may not specifically pertain to material gain, following the advice will.


Reversed Meaning of the Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card:

Reversed the Queen of pentacles shows someone who is not in tune with the Divine cycle of manifestation. This may indicate the querent or someone in the querent’s life. Either way this person is not nurturing, but rather they are evil, using anything within their means to keep people from manifesting the abundance that alludes them.

“You work hard and seem to get nothing for it, which makes you resent working and those who have more than you. It seems like they don’t even have to do anything to manage getting more than you get. It drives you mad and this anger makes you at out in quite mean ways.

A better way to direct your energy, rather than upsetting the apple cart for everyone with more apples than you, is to start working on your own attitude towards wealth. What part of your current situation is the cause of your misery? Maybe you aren’t being valued for the effort you put in? There is always a better solution than sabotaging other people out of their hard earned rewards. Start making sure you get the rewards you deserve.”

If this meaning does not resonate with the querent they should be warned that someone in their life may be trying t sabotage their success and happiness out of spite.