Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Ten of Pentacles


wealth, property, stability, riches


misfortune, lost bet or gamble, loss but inheritance gained

Visual Description of the Ten of Pentacles:

An ornately dressed old man sits in the courtyard of his home with his two dogs. He is old and wise as shown by the white beard that reaches down his chest. The archway close by has emblems and flags that depict his family’s journey. He knows he did not reach success alone. Nearby his child and their spouse stand with their child. The old man can share his legacy with the next generation now. Hopefully the too will carry the same amount of respect for their riches as he does. The money might be old, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t have to work hard to keep things stable and secure as they are now.


Divinatory Meaning of the Ten of Pentacles:

Upright Meaning of the Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card:

Upright this card represents the epitome of success in the suit of Pentacles. The querent has reached a pinnacle in the sphere of wealth and prosperity. Unlike in the Nine of Pentacles they have people to share their success with and this adds more value to their riches, for prosperity without people makes a person feel poor. Materially the querent is content, spiritually they are fulfilled and as a result their prosperity and wealth are stable.

“You’ve reached one of your long term goals relating to your career and finances and boy does it feel good. You have a chance to share some quality time with the people you love and just get involved in the real meaning of life now that you feel secure and fulfilled. You understand and uphold the balance that needs to be maintained between family and fortune.

Speaking of family you may be wanting to invest in the future of your family at this point, so they can continue your legacy. You feel the need to help them feel secure and be able to carry on the legacy your are building for them. Go ahead and make the investment, the time is right.”

The querent could be contemplating investing in property at this time which would be a very good idea. It will ensure stability for their family in the future and give them a physical sense of what they can aspire to.


Reversed Meaning of the Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card:

Reversed the Ten of Pentacles follows from the reversed of the Nine of Pentacles. The querent ignored the signs, warning and their better sense and invested in something risky. As a result of their misfortune they have lost a substantial amount and are now regretting their decision.

“All the signs were screaming not to take the risk, but you were enjoying the thrill too much and now you need to live with the consequences of a bad decision. Unfortunately there’s nothing you can do to stop the loss from happening now, but you can learn from your mistakes. Next time an opportunity like that arises listen to your good sense and the wisdom this misfortune has given you.

In the meantime set some long term goals that will take more time to fulfill, but that have less risk involved. It doesn’t pay off to try and take a shortcut and hopefully you’ve learned your lesson now.”

The querent may be depressed as a result of the loss, but they can chart it up to experience and move on. The Universe was just teaching them a very valuable lesson and they will be able to build themselves up again. They have inherited a greater wisdom. Conversely this card could rarely indicate that the querent has lost a family member and they feel unhappy about the loss but grateful for their inheritance.