Page of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Page of Pentacles


a person associated with writing, whether with study or letters


a person living in luxury, often beyond their means, rebelling and as a result they are bad news

Visual Description of the Page of Pentacles:

In a field filled with blooming flowers stands a young man. He balances a coin in his hand as he meditates on ways to manifest more abundance for himself. In the distance behind him the mountains loom, they are the obstacles he will still have to face on this journey. Luckily the field just in front of them is ploughed and ready to be planted. There is a promise of bounty in the overturned soil, but much work still needs to be done.


Divinatory Meaning of the Page of Pentacles:

Upright Meaning of the Page of Pentacles Tarot Card:

The Page of Pentacles can point to the querent or someone in the querent’s life. This person is busy with some form of study or literature. They are mentally stimulated to search for or find better, more efficient ways to attain wealth and prosperity. The person has great potential and is embarking on a monumental quest, therefore they have to keep in mind that they do not know everything and that some lessons still need to be learned through experience.

“You’re really starting to see things in a new light. You might have thought that you had it all figured out, but suddenly you’re coming up with new ideas to get more out of life. This is an exciting time for you and you’re taking in as much as you can. At the same time you’re taking notes and making the most of every bit of information you find.

You need to keep in mind that while books and notes can teach you a lot you learn best through experience. There is a great potential for wealth, prosperity and success in the journey you’re embarking on, but you need to watch out for the lessons you’re going to learn through the difficult times.”

If this does not resonate with the querent they should be on the lookout for someone in their life that is embarking on this journey. Alternatively someone may soon inspire the querent to embark on this journey themselves.


Reversed Meaning of the Page of Pentacles Tarot Card:

Reversed the Page of Pentacles points to a person who thinks the world can be taken for granted. This person loves spending money and rebels against the idea of making any for themselves In fact they rebel against any form of authority and therefore they can spell trouble for anyone who follows their lead.

“You don’t seem to get the point of work. Why spend hours and hours slaving away if you could just have fun instead..? On top of that you enjoy the finer things in life and use much the same rationalisation; why get a cheaper one if there’s a flashier, more expensive one? This type of thinking is not doing you any favors.

There is a satisfaction in putting in an honest day’s work, making a salary and then working carefully with your money. You feel prouder of yourself and as a result life becomes more satisfying. Living beyond your means creates more trouble than you might realise at the moment. You might think it’s all fun and games, but when your overspending catches up with you you’ll wish you played it safe instead.”

If this meaning does not resonate with the querent they should look out for someone in their life with these tendencies and steer clear before they get caught in the same rebellious web. If the querent is contemplating getting a loan or credit card they should think wisely about this choice and be certain that they are not creating unnecessary debt for themselves.