Two of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

Two of Swords


unclearness, trouble, balance, choice, avoidance


unscrupulous, release, disloyalty, duplicity

Visual Description of the Two of Swords:

A blindfolded woman sits on her heels. She has no clear idea of the problem or threat she is facing, but she holds two swords at the ready. They are crossed at her chest, protecting herself as best she can. Although she needs more information to make a more calculated decision of what to do next she is in perfect balance as she sits and waits. Her emotions and mind are also balanced as her left and right hand are both holding swords. The water behind her is another indication that emotions do play a role in her current situation, while the rocky outcroppings protruding from the water shows that there are emotional obstacles that will need to be faced. Being blindfolded, the woman has no choice but to trust her intuition, a fact that is solidified by the crescent moon hanging above her. She needs to make a choice, but only after careful consideration.


Divinatory Meaning of the Two of Swords:

Upright Meaning of the Two of Swords Tarot Card:

The querent, like the woman in the Two of Swords, is facing a difficult decision. They do not have all the facts and as a result they are unsure of what to expect or how to act. The only way of overcoming this obstacle is by remaining balanced. The querent will have to weigh up their emotions about the situation and the further obstacles that may present themselves and make an intuitive decision on how to proceed.

“You’re facing a tough decision, made even tougher by the fact that you have no clear idea of exactly what you’re facing or what you could do to make things better. The only way to overcome this is to look within. If you remain balanced and look at how you feel about the situation and the possible choices you could make your intuition will guide you to make the best choice.

None of the choices you can make will lead to a problem-free outcome, but your intuition will guide you to choosing the outcome that you are most comfortable with facing. Unfortunately even deciding to do nothing is a choice and if you avoid making a decision you will only be stifling your own growth and delaying the inevitable.”

The querent may be afraid to make a choice because they feel they don’t have all the necessary facts. If they continue to avoid the situation it will only become more urgent, it won’t become more clear what the best course of action is. They need to follow their intuition.


Reversed Meaning of the Two of Swords Tarot Card:

Reversed the Two of Swords indicates that the querent is acting blindly. They have no moral integrity and they are unbalanced in their actions. This leads to a sense of duplicity as others cannot determine what their motives are and they feel as though the querent is being disloyal.

“You’re acting a bit strange lately. You’re not following any kind of moral code and it seems as though you’re just going where your emotions lead you, without thinking the situation through. While this blind blundering may be okay for you, you’re starting to step on others’ toes.

It’s all good and well to change your ideals about the world every now and again, but too much of nothing is still nothing. You need at least some kind of moral ground to stand on, otherwise the picture you’re portraying to others shows that you’re shifty, with double standards and a great tendency to being a backstabber. While this probably isn’t your intention at this time, take care to stand for something and maintain at least a little bit of balance.”

The querent is walking a fine line and needs to start paying attention to their actions and the repercussions they have before things get completely out of hand.