The Empress Tarot Card Meaning

The Empress


development, initiative, accomplishment, action, evolution, venturing into the unknown


inaction, lack of concentration, vacillation, anxiety, infidelity, unraveling

Visual Description of The Empress:

The Empress is the epitome of womanhood. She has the looks, the style, the grace and the success. Her blonde hair flows over her full figure as she sits on her comfortable chair. The one pillow has the symbol of Venus on it, representing everything feminine, from creativity and fertility to grace and compassion. She is clothed in a pomegranate print, showing her fertility, which is echoed in the lavish gardens behind her.

The gardens, as well as her crown of twelve stars, connect her to the natural world, over which she governs with her scepter. She draws peace and tranquility from her natural surroundings which in turn blossom and flourish under her care.


Divinatory Meaning of The Empress:

Upright Meaning of The Empress Tarot Card:

The Empress, like The High Priestess, represents femininity, but while the High Priestess is concerned with knowledge and the unseen The Empress concerns herself with the natural world. Therefore, if this card has shown up in a reading the querent is urged to connect with their feminine by paying more attention to the beauty surrounding them.

‘Creativity is a great way to express your feminine side. Whether it’s getting creative with your wardrobe or finding a more creative hobby (like cooking or gardening if you’re a guy wondering how you can express your femininity a bit more)… This card shows up in a reading if it is time for you to start creating something. With the abundant energies of The Empress on your side anything you put your hands to at this time is sure to bring you joy and fulfillment. If your creative endeavour leads to a new opportunity to manifest a bit of moola all the better!

There is also a strong urge to nurture associated with this card. You may want to nurture your soul with a bit of nature time. Alternatively you may feel like nurturing someone and if you’re contemplating starting a family of your own The Empress shows up to let you know that now is a good time.’

She is the embodiment of Mother Nature and her energy is that of creation, whether metaphorically or literally. When The Empress shows up in a reading something new is on its way. New projects, new life and new ideas are all on the cards. She could also indicate a feminine person who will help the querent unleash their creative and nurturing energies.


Reversed Meaning of The Empress Tarot Card:

The Empress reversed has a more personal meaning. When she shows up reversed the chances are that the querent is feeling rather closed off from the creative potential of life. They are anxious about the future and can’t quite make up their mind about which area of their life they want to grow in.

‘If you’re feeling blocked off from your creative energy take some time to nurture yourself or spend some time in nature. Taking some time out to love yourself will give you an energy boost that could get you out of this slump, which usually includes creative blocks, indecision and a lack of willpower and concentration.

On the other hand you may be mothering others and not paying enough attention to yourself, so take a step back and focus on yourself when The Empress shows up in reverse.’

She could also indicate a person who is overly protective and gets in the way of the querent’s natural creativity as a result. A complete disregard for femininity is also indicated, which could result in things going completely awry. In this case things may turn toward a reversal of the feminine qualities represented by Venus, so disgrace, heartlessness and apathy may lead to the unraveling of matters, often ending in infidelity.