Judgement Tarot Card Meaning



awakening, renewal, rejuvenation, rebirth, improvement, promotion, change of position


disappointment, simplicity, failure, ill-health, theft, worry

Visual Description of Judgement:

ArchAngel Gabriel blows the Trumpet at the Final Judgement. People are rising from their graves awaiting the verdicts. Have they lived their lives well enough to be allowed into Heaven or will their sins send them to Hell? The mountains in the background form an inescapable barrier. Those that have arisen must face the Judgement. Nobody is spared, men, women and children look up and await the verdict.


Divinatory Meaning of Judgement:

Upright Meaning of The Judgement Tarot Card:

The Fool has reached the penultimate test. He will be judged on his progress through his journey of the Major Arcana. If he succeeds he will be ready to face The World, otherwise he will reface the challenges he has not yet overcome. He must either wake up and embrace the call to become better or face the same struggles again. The querent is also being called to wake up from their sleep and advance to the next level of enlightenment. Although The Sun period prior to this suggests that all is well, it was a child enjoyed the riches of the world. The child is now being called to adulthood.

“Everything has been going well and you’re happy with how far you’ve come, but this is not the end of the road. As a child matures and enters a new phase of life you also need to enter a new phase of existence. A Higher Vibration is open to you now. You will need to follow your intuition and your common sense in order to make the most of it, but through the process you will gain a renewed sense of what it means to be YOU and your Higher Self will become even clearer to you.

All judgement will fall away once you enter the Higher phase of existence and you will start on a new journey, seeing the world in a completely different way. So take this opportunity to elevate your position, trust your judgments and enjoy the new World that awaits you.”

The querent has passed the tests of the Major Arcana and is invited to see the world through new eyes. The child that played in The Sun has matured, but at the same time they have been reborn and renewed. More challenges will cme, but the querent is ready to face them.


Reversed Meaning of The Judgement Tarot Card:

The querent is unsure of themselves and whether or not they are worthy of entering Heaven. They judge their past actions harshly and feel ashamed of what they have done to get where they are.

“You’re only human, so you’ll never be perfect. A big part of facing your inner demons is to accept this fact. We all make mistakes and act in ways we often wish we didn’t. But by judging yourself so harshly you’re robbing yourself of the gift of experience. The Judgement card in reverse is asking you to take a look at your past mistakes ad face the underlying reasons for your mistakes. What are you still trying to hide? Where do your insecurities lie hidden? Are you afraid that others will judge you if they knew the real you?

Don’t let doubts and worries cause you to fail. Make peace with the past and move on. There are greater thing in store for you if you take this time to learn from past mistakes and let go of any negative judgements you have regarding them.”

At this time the querent is their own worst judge. Opening up to others will help them gain a broader perspective of their situation and help put any feelings of shame and guilt to rest. But they must let these feelings out. Burying them will only lead to more obstacles.