The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

The Chariot


providence, rushed decision, presumption, turmoil, vengeance, adversity


vanquishment, defeat, failure, disputes

Visual Description of The Chariot:

The Chariot manned by a single standing charioteer. He wears a cloak filled with occult symbols, representing Spiritual growth, the square represents the sheer power of his will. His armour is decorated with crescent moons, the symbol of what is to come. Instead of reins he holds a Magician’s wand through which he channels his will to steer the chariot. It is an impressive feat as the two sphinxes, one black the other white representing duality and opposing forces, are trying to pull the chariot away in different directions. This strength of will is derived from the canopy of six-pointed stars above him, which represent Divine will. Behind the chariot flows the river of life, indicating that while this will-full charioteer is steering his own life he is aware of the natural ebbs and flows of life itself.


Divinatory Meaning of The Chariot:

Upright Meaning of The Chariot Tarot Card:

The Chariot is reminiscent of Plato’s allegory of the Chariot in which a charioteer must manage his appetites and his logic, represented by two winged horses. The querent is at the point where they have to steer their life forward by harnessing conflicting ideas, motives or beliefs into a single forward motion This will take great determination and willpower, but the querent has come to a decision that things must move forward in a certain direction as The Fool does on his journey from The Lovers.

‘It’s time to scrape together your courage and will yourself forward in the direction of your choosing. There may be conflicts and obstacles in your way, but with enough inner strength you will be able to steer clear of any major disaster. There are ebbs and flows in life, times of joy and pain. The Chariot is reminding you to stick to your resolve regardless of the circumstances you may be facing.

This period will help you grow Spiritually and build your character. If you manage to control yourself with discipline and hard work instead of succumbing to inner turmoil and the thrill of rushed decisions you will succeed in reaching your desired destination.’

The destination referred to here may be a physical or Spiritual. It is likely an imagined place the querent wants to be where things are just right for them and they are at peace with themselves. This may require physical, emotional or Spiritual changes or a combination of all three. If the querent keeps their destination in mind they can reach it, even though the journey may be more difficult than they anticipated at first.


Reversed Meaning of The Chariot Tarot Card:

The reversed Chariot indicates that the querent has lost control. The Chariot is steering itself and they are just along for the ride. This could be as a result of external or internal factors. It is also a warning that mindless pursuit of the goal will lead to failure, the querent will not reach the desired destination.

‘You aren’t managing things very well at the moment. Either you’ve lost control of a situation or you’ve lost the willpower to push through and reach your goal. Either way, you’re heading in the wrong direction at the moment, so pushing ahead will only make you feel more lost.

It might be best to just admit defeat and let things run their course. Trying to get things back on track is pointless. You need to accept the way things are and loosen your grip. While you’re taking a step back look at the lessons you can learn from this failure. Learn to align your motives with that of the Divine and you will find things run a lot smoother in future.’

It’s best for the querent to relinquish their control of the situation at present, before it destroys them completely.