Temperance Tarot Card Meaning



temperance, patience, good influence, management, moderation, economy


conflict, disunion, frustration, impatience, discord, competing interests

Visual Description of Temperance:

The angel of Temperance stands with one foot on solid ground the other in water. It shows that we must remain grounded while going through the continual motion of life. This motion of life is duplicated by the river in the background. Further in the distance a crown hangs over the river, symbolising that there is a Higher purpose in life and it should be sought as we follow our Life Path.

The Angel itself is asexual, wearing a light blue robe with a triangle and square on it. The square represents the natural laws that humans, represented by the triangle, have to adhere to. These laws cannot be escaped. The Angel is also pouring water from one cup to another, further symbolising the motion of life that has no end.


Divinatory Meaning of Temperance:

Upright Meaning of The Temperance Tarot Card:

The Fool has let a part of himself die (during the Death Card phase) and is now reaching a point where he has to start managing his life and its ebbs and flows more effectively. After Death takes away a part of his life he is now finally able to find more balance. A similar situation is arising for the querent.

“You have felt the pain of loss, but also seen why some things need to come to an end. With this knowledge you are now able to balance your life more. You understand the natural rhythms of life and the necessity to let some things go in order to make space for other things to flourish. Do not let emotions and resentment ruffle your inner knowing, that everything happens for a reason.

Now is the time to go with the flow of life and accept whatever you cannot change. Remaining even tempered and stable is your best bet at making progress in life. Don’t let the little things perturb you. You will find fulfillment as long as you keep your temper in check and allow life to flow as it should.”

The querent may feel as though they need to rush or force things, but they can rest assured that everything will work out as long as they don’t act rashly. There is time. As long as they keep their goals in focus the river of life will lead them there. The more they relax and find balance the smoother their journey will be.


Reversed Meaning of The Temperance Tarot Card:

Temperance reversed is a clear signal that the querent has been indulgent and that it’s time to curb their frivolity. If they neglect to do this they will end up on a negative spiral and things may get out of control sooner than they realise. They may already have a sense that things are out of balance.

“Reversed Temperance is a warning, or reassurance if you’ve already picked up on something that seems out of place in your life. There is a part of your life that is out of balance. You’re neglecting one aspect while indulging in another. You need to control your emotions and urges before things get completely out of control and you’re swept up in something that doesn’t serve your greater purpose.

In order to realign yourself with your higher purpose take the time to figure out where exactly this imbalance is and what is causing it. You may need to make some serious lifestyle changes in order to stop a negative cycle from taking hold completely.”

The querent is urged to do whatever it takes to make the necessary changes to restore balance and harmony. Failure to do so will lead to major obstacles.