Strength Tarot Card Meaning



courage, conviction, power, energy, determination, action, virility


pettiness, sickness, misuse of power, unfaithfulness, weakness

Visual Description of Strength:

A woman clothed in pure white sits stroking a lion. She is adorned with flowers, representing her connection to nature. Above her head floats the infinity sign; she is connected to the infinite power and wisdom of the Universe. She did not use force or coercion to tame the beast, which represents raw passion and desire. Rather she used her inner strength to calm the beast. Her energy is soothing and loving, transforming the ferocious energy of the lion into a calm and tender one in the same way that diligence and strength can transform wild passions into positive expressions within the human spirit.


Divinatory Meaning of Strength:

Upright Meaning of Strength Tarot Card:

Strength represents the character the querent has built through struggles such as those alluded to in The Chariot. Through adversity and diligence the querent has mastered a great deal of inner strength. They know they can overcome more than they previously thought they were capable of overcoming. It is the positive solution to the struggle The Fool faced in The Chariot.

‘There’s a cliche saying, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and you stand testament to that. You have faced struggles, but instead of letting them get you down you have learned from them and pushed through. You have built up a Spiritual stamina. You understand that life has its ups and downs and you’re not letting the tough times steer you off course any more. You are filled with the power and energy to push through and reach the goals you are determined to reach.

You don’t need to express your power in a negative way. With this inner strength comes the wisdom and control of emotions. You realise which things are out of your control and you don’t struggle with letting them go. You know where to focus your energy to get to where you want to be without causing conflict.’

If the querent is still struggling to control their emotions the Strength card serves as a warning that they need to subdue their rage and need to control by looking within and finding other outlets for these negative emotions. They can achieve inner strength with a little effort and diligence at this time.


Reversed Meaning of Strength Tarot Card:

The reversed meaning of Strength means the querent is going through a vulnerable time. They may have recently faced a setback which is making them second guess themselves. It could even indicate a lack of physical strength or at worst, illness.

‘You may be feeling drained at the moment, like life has sapped all your energy. This doesn’t mean you have to give up. It’s time to focus on yourself and look after your own needs. If you don’t this vulnerable feeling can cause you to lash out and become petty.

Now is the time to balance your inner energies and maintain an equilibrium. You may be too bossy at the moment, instead of listening to the concerns of others you’re telling them what to do and getting rash and upset if they don’t follow orders. Take a step back and reevaluate your internal world. Your inner strength is out of balance and only you know what needs to be done to restore your vitality.’

The querent may be so defensive that they are unable to take this advice at present. This is just another manifestation of depleted inner strength. They need to rest and take care of themselves if they want to proceed in a positive direction, avoid confrontation and accomplish their goals.