Justice Tarot Card Meaning



equality, rightness, virtue, honor, balance


false accusation, unfairness, bias

Visual Description of Justice:

Justice is sitting in front of a purple veil that hangs between pillars similar to those in the High Priestess and Hierophant cards. It symbolises her compassion that holds together the order and balance she stands for. On her crown is a square, symbolising clear thought, which is echoed in the sword she holds in her right hand. Her decisions are final and the double edged sword symbolises that each and every action has a consequence. Even her white shoe symbolises that there is a Spiritual consequence for every action.

In her left hand she holds the scales that serve as a reminder that our intuition should balance our rational sides. True balance only exists when the head and heart are in balance and decisions are made with both material and Spiritual consequences in mind.


Divinatory Meaning of Justice:

Upright Meaning of The Justice Tarot Card:

Justice is an indication that the querent is about to face a choice or they are going to be dealt the consequences of a choice they have made. Have they acted in accordance to their Life Path, or are they making decisions that are influencing others negatively and steering their lives in the wrong direction?

‘When Justice shows up in your reading it’s time to think about your actions. What path have you been taking? Have you been following your head or your heart blindly, ignoring the other, in hopes that you will get what you want..? Well, Justice is letting you know that you’re about to get what you deserve.

But don’t worry, she is fair and compassionate and won’t judge you too harshly, as long as you learn your lesson. If you feel like life is handing you a bad hand at the moment look at what you have done in the past. What has led to the events that are currently transpiring in your life? It’s time to start balancing your actions and keeping the consequences of your actions in mind.’

The querent has an opportunity to restore balance, virtue and honor in their lives. It will take some introspection, but if they can find the link between past behaviour and current consequences they have the power to change for the better.


Reversed Meaning of The Justice Tarot Card:

If Justice is reversed the querent is hiding an action for fear of the repercussions. They feel guilt, possibly remorse, but they don’t necessarily want to own up to their mistakes. They may also be playing an internal blame game, which will not help them own their mistakes to others.

‘You’ve done something you’re not proud of. Luckily no-one else is aware of exactly what it is yet, so you can keep it under wraps, if that’s really what you want to do… Keeping this a secret can lead to a lot of internal struggle and conflict, which is unhealthy. You might be blaming yourself unfairly. You are most likely biased against yourself because you feel you could have done better, but given the circumstances, was it really that bad? It might be a good idea to confide in a trusted friend to get a better perspective.

It’s important to maintain balance during this time and don’t let your inner conflict get to a point where it affects your relationships with false accusations and emotional outbursts. This is especially important if you’re making decisions that affect others. Be aware how your actions influence the world around you and your own material and, equally important, Spiritual future.’

Balance is the key to getting through the difficulties represented by Justice reversed. The queret should weigh up what their head and their heart is telling them and come clean about anything they might be hiding as keeping the secret will lead to worse consequences than confessing their wrongdoings.