Minor Arcana: Dealing with Everyday Problems

Minor Arcana: Dealing with Everyday Problems

There are two sections in tarot cards, the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The latter cards are divided into four different suits, each one of them representing the energy flowing through one’s body. There are 56 cards in the Minor Arcana, divided into: cups, swords, pentacles and wands. Unlike Major Arcana, the readings of Minor Arcana represent our way of dealing with everyday issues, and experiences we should learn from. The suits in Minor Arcana are structured as everyday playing cards.

Suit of Cups

This suit relates to the water element, and represents emotional and spiritual experience. People in this suit are artistic, creative and emotional. They draw energy from their feelings. Cups describe feelings and patterns in the relationship.

Suit of Pentacles

The next suit in the Minor Arcana is the pentacles, linked with the Earth element. Cards in this suit represent money, career and financial resources. People with these cards are practical, focused on their career, and down to earth. If the individual receives a reading solely with pentacles, he/she is seeking solution for material and financial issues in his life. The pentacles also celebrate beauty of nature.

Suit of Swords

Minor Arcana symbol of Air, swords are related to our thoughts and rational behavior. They are the suit of intellect, and are linked with justice and ethical principles. The saying a double-edged sword applies here, as sometimes, swords can show a state of disharmony and unhappiness. People with swords readings like to analyze. When faced with a reading only with swords cards, the client is seeking solutions for his/her mental struggles. Often, they can present a warning for the client to be wary and cautious to what is happening around him/her. People with swords cards can also be ruthless and confrontational.

Suit of Wands

The symbol related to the fire element, wands are often linked with creativity and constant movement. People with wands cards are adventurous, enthusiast and love to take risks. Their confidence is sky high. The reading of wands is associated with inspiration, energy, determination and ambition. Suit of wands addresses our ego and self concept. When a reading is consisted solely from wands cards, the client seeks solution for his thoughts. He is stuck in the realm of thought, and seeks the purpose and meaning of his/her life.

The Minor Arcana is different from Major Arcana in its approach of reading. The Minor Arcana card meanings are related to the laws of human nature, unlike the law of the Universe in the Major Arcana readings. Because of that, Minor Arcana is considered more practical, and refers to current, everyday issues in human life.