How Tarot Cards Work

How Tarot Cards Work

Some people think that anyone can pick up a tarot deck and start giving readings to others. Some believe that tarot cards are magical, and they have a power only select few can master. Tarot cards are not designed to foreshadow the future, or tell a person’s fortune. The real and true tarot practitioners know that the reading is never set in stone, or you must stick to it 100%. Tarot readings can be interpreted differently and depend on lots of factors. But, there are some rules how tarot cards work.

Tarot cards work in a way that the client draws them, and they are put in a spread. There are different tarot spreads, depending of the manner that is discussed. In tarot, it matters where the cards fall, and even the way they are positioned. Cards can be upright or reverse, and a different position presents a different meaning.

There are two ways tarot cards help people, through questions and answers, and open reading.

The first one is questions and answers section. How tarot cards work here? Very simple, the client asks a question, and how the question is stated is very important. With the help of the cards, the practitioner offers answer to the question. The answer should be taken as a guide to make the decision, not an answer to the decision itself.

How to Ask a Good Question?

As mentioned, it is very important to state the question appropriately, in order to allow the reading to guide the client. For example, a wrong question is how you can encourage your friend to tell you his secret. A better (and the right way) to ask it is how to encourage your friend to have more trust in you. When asking a question, there are some principles one should follow.

  • The question should be focused, but not overly detailed. Some flexibility is needed. The question should not address one specific issue, it should rather find a way to improve a section of one’s life. One example of a good question is how you can balance the schedules of your child with your schedules. The question is specific, yet it can have many answers.
  • The focus must be on the client, not on someone else in his/her surroundings. For example, asking why your girlfriend avoids going out with your friends is a wrong question. The right one is how you contribute in her decision to avoid your friends.
  • The question has to be neutral.

As mentioned, the other way of how tarot cards work is through open readings. In this manner, the focus is on larger aspects of life rather than specific problems. Open readings are useful when entering a new stage of life.