The Suit of Cups – An Emotional State of Mind

The Suit of Cups – An Emotional State of Mind

In Tarot cards, the suit of cups represents the water element. The cards in the suit of cups are related to emotional feelings, love, relationship and other type of connections. When people get reading from the cups suit, they ask questions about their expression of feelings and the role of emotions in their relations. Cups tarot cards indicate a person is spontaneous, and makes decisions based on his feelings and heart, rather than taking the rational approach of the head.

Personality Characteristics

The suit of cups corresponds with water signs in the zodiac. Often, people share the same characteristics as those in the zodiac. Therefore, people represented in this suit are emotional, creative and artistic.

When the client gets a reading, where suit of cups dominate, he/she seeks solutions to emotional conflicts. The client is trying to resolve his emotions and love issues.

Negative Aspects of Cups

As with other suits in the Minor Arcana, cups can also reflect negative aspects. When reversed, they can indicate a person is overly emotional and has unrealistic expectations. Additionally, the client fantasizes of what could be, is unable to express himself and lacks creativity.

Meaning of Suit of Cups Cards

Each card has its own meaning in the suit. This is just a brief summary of the meanings in the suit of cups.

  • One – new love and good fortune. Sometimes, it means a miracle is about to happen. When reversed, this card signifies disappointment or sadness, and the client should keep an eye of the feelings of those around him/her.
  • Two – indicates a development in an important relationship which could be love, friends, colleague or anything else. A reversed two signify disagreement that can cause a rift.
  • Three – A card for celebration, this card can foreshadow a birth or a wedding in the family. When reversed, this card warns of a family gathering that might go bad.
  • Four – The client is forging a new friendship, but sometimes it can mean there are love strings in the friendship. Reversed four signifies downside in a relationship, and things going south.
  • Five – The individual needs to make some emotional sacrifices, and he might be torn between two loves. When reversed, the sacrifice is of a lesser intensity.
  • Six – Memories of the past are emerging, often regarding childhood. Reversed six narrows the memories to a specific person who is no longer around.
  • Seven – The client needs to make a decision with long term impact. If reversed, the client goes through a phase when nothing gets his attention.
  • Eight – The relationship has long ended, but it is time to accept the fact and move on. If reversed, the client needs to re-evaluate himself and shed his baggage.
  • Nine – The person is at the right place and at the right time. If the card is reversed, the client is taking his relationships for granted.
  • Ten – A fresh start in some area of life. Reversed foreshadows a stress in the domestic life.
  • Page – Someone seeks your love/attention. When reversed, that person is a young fellow.
  • Knight – A new passion is entering your life, maybe even a new love. If the card is reversed, the client must be careful with people trying to get his attention.
  • Queen – Symbolizes a women people are attracted to, but when reversed, a woman suffering from insecurity.
  • King – Social and outgoing individual. When reversed, he is insecure, prone to depression and runs into toxic relationships.