Recognizing Dreams About Your Past Life

Recognizing Dreams About Your Past Life

The unmistakable aspect of dreams about one’s past life lies in the fact that the dreamer has an idea of what and how the past felt like. This article explores the qualities of dreams that speak about a person’s past life.

They Have An Air Of Historical Significance

If in a dream you dream about places or events that are historical, the dream could have some significance in shedding light about your past life. They can be placed so far down the memory lane that you can hardly connect with but such dreams almost always reveal the past. Care should be exercised in interpreting such dreams because one can still dream about their past lives but confusingly dressed clothed in current clothes.

Dreams Where Depiction Of Self Is Unlike Self

Conventionally, one is likely to identify themselves in a dream. But in situations where a look at self is like looking at an entirely different person may speak of the past life of that person. So much water has gone under the bridge and the result is a totally different person. The dream could reveal volumes about one’s life at some certain point in time in past.

In such a dream, anticipate seeing yourself as being in a different skin color, gender, location and even religion. Somehow, there will be the instinctive conviction that the person you are seeing in the dream is actually yourself. How such a dream is to be interpreted depends on a number of issues— chiefly the other characters and other symbols in the dream.

Have A Much Slower And Repeating Plot

In normal dreams, scene succession happens faster than in dreams that reveal about the past. One scene quickly transforms into another at a faster pace than in dreams that reveal about the past. For instance, if you dream that you are climbing some fruit tree, reach up, pluck some and share with others then later rush to get to the food stores through some elaborate road network, you are probably dreaming about the past. The logical connection between one event/ location and another cannot be in such succession in regular dreams.

A major aspect about these dreams is your inability to control the flow of events, even though they are flowing so logically, so naturally and as so predicted. The reason for this phenomenon is that the dream is not emanating from your subconscious. You are probably just observing the unfolding events and the source of the dream could be higher. The dream may replay over and over without any slightest inclination to change. Even in the repetition, you may still feel the numbing inability to change anything!

Your Previously Hidden Attributes Are Unveiled

The person that you are today did not fully form overnight. It took the shaping that was brought about by experiences, hurts, disappointments, happy moments, etc. in the process, you may have gained or lost some hidden attributes that you may consider hidden because your current reality has no touch with them. Should you, therefore dream and find yourself staring at your former self, it is an indication of a past life.

Similarly, the dream could reveal about the repressed or forgotten fears, compulsions, drive and various other tendencies. Such dreams tend to explain how you acquired some habits, trends, tastes and preferences. They show you how, over time, you have been molded into someone else.

Reveals Emotional, Spiritual And Physical Health Of A Person

Dreams that amplify some deep seated emotional and physical states may simply point to the past life of the dreamer and how the dreamer got to be inclined to certain emotions and physical behavior. For instance, a dream about the past life will explain why someone may be excessively reactionary, or why some rich folks are inescapably and continuously worried about their finances daily. Spiritually speaking, dreams about past lives speak volumes about, perhaps, the needed spiritual anchorage in a person’s life.

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