10 Of The Most Common Dream Symbols

10 Of The Most Common Dream Symbols

For as long as the history of mankind is known, people have always had dreams. The interpretation of these dreams, however, is always greatly aided by the symbols one can identify in dreams. This article compiles ten of the most common dream symbols.

Being Chased

10 of the Most Common Dream Symbols - Being Chased

In a dream, should you happen to be chased, and are seeking help or a hideout, it is an indication that in real life you could be equally running away from something that is bringing you trouble. In the known fight or flight reflexive action, you are more likely to run and stand your ground and handle issues. When the dream recurs, it could be a symbol to signify that sustained effort is needed to handle some problem.

Naked in Public

10 of the Most Common Dream Symbols - Naked in Public

The naked symbolism always point to current, past or prospective feelings of inadequacy, shame, guilt and unwanted exposure. When the naked person in the dream is another individual, emotions of seeing that person matter when it comes to interpreting the dream. If you feel bad seeing the person naked, it is an indication that you dislike the idea of exposing that person.

Unprepared for an Exam

10 of the Most Common Dream Symbols - Exam

Dreams that involve examinations are a pointer to self evaluation. It is a subtle communication from your unconscious that a certain part of your personality or life should be brought under inspection. Unpreparedness to take an examination, on the other hand, indicate that one is under stress, has problems with self-esteem and needs quick review of themselves. For reasons that everyone occasionally faces a test in life, exam dreams are not uncommon.


10 of the Most Common Dream Symbols - Flying

Nothing beats the exhilaration that comes with being able to fly in a dream. The nature and ease of flying, however, determines the kind of interpretation. For instance, experiencing difficulty in flying indicates some opposition to the realization of your quests. Inability to fly, on the other hand, is an indication of your inability to meet to the high goals and objectives previously identified and set.


10 of the Most Common Dream Symbols - Falling

Falling in dreams has to do with the fear of the unknown that breeds anxiety and insecurity. This is especially so if there is an inherent aspect of fear. If, however, the fall does not evoke any feelings of fear, you could be happy with the coming future. It is also said that falling in water indicates that you are about to get strongly attached to someone.

Being Late

10 of the Most Common Dream Symbols - Being Late

The lateness imagery in dreams indicates the hesitation that one faces and feels when it comes to taking decisive steps to different directions in life. This reflects the low levels of confidence in decision making which eventually paints the image of failing.


10 of the Most Common Dream Symbols - Death

The death symbolism in dreams does not necessarily mean actual bodily death. It refers to beginnings and endings of, for examples, careers, relationships, etc. A person who has been recently bereaved may be relieved that after all the bereavement is getting registered in the unconscious. You may be coming to terms with the death of a loved one.

Out of Control Vehicle

10 of the Most Common Dream Symbols - Vehicle

When you dream you are in an out of control vehicle, it may be a stern indication to alter the drive one has for life and the direction thereof. Losing control indicates the undesirable direction life is taking and the immediate need to review and return one’s life back to track. If another person is seen driving, it could be an indication that such persons are the source of problems in another’s life.


10 of the Most Common Dream Symbols - Water

Water, in dreams, signifies a person’s emotions, the state of affairs in the unconscious mind and or even life. How clear the water is corresponds to the ease of navigating through life. Storms in water may be an indication of life’s gruesome tempests.


10 of the Most Common Dream Symbols - Paralysis

When asleep, feelings of paralysis may actually mean that at that point in time, the body is undergoing some kind of paralysis. This results in one being unable to do certain things in dreams. For example, a bad sleeping position may cause temporal paralysis which, in dreams, also appears with similar implications.


Dreams are rich and full of symbols. That these symbols give clues to the meaning of dreams is an acceptable observation in many cultures. Somehow, there is a lot of common ground on what most symbols mean across many contexts.

You may not be able to realize the symbols in your dream and which may in turn determine your dream interpretation. However, someone does. Contact Tarot Prophet, Sophia Loren, for more symbols and dream interpretation.