Ten of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Ten of Cups


friendship, happiness, life at its best


waste, broken relationships, quarrel, violence

Visual Description of the Ten of Cups:

A couple is embracing each other under a bow of ten cups. They have reached the best they could have hoped for and share their success. Next to them their two children are playing, showing that this is a happy family. In the distance is their home where they find stability and comfort. It is nestled amongst lush green hills, fed by a flowing river. This scene is symbolic of fertile soil that is being fed by the river f emotion. The couple have found lasting love and happiness with each other and this emotion is feeding the world around them and bringing life to it. This is the best end to the journey through the suit of cups and carries with it a sense of closure and emotional success.


Divinatory Meaning of the Ten of Cups:

Upright Meaning of the Ten of Cups Tarot Card:

The querent has reached the most sought after emotional fulfillment. Unlike the Nine of Cups, the Ten of Cups shows that the querent has people around them to share in their joy and their life. They are secure and comfortable with where they are and feel free to express their emotions, knowing that they will be supported in whatever struggles they may have to face in the future, but for now, they cannot want for anything.

“You are happier than you’ve ever been. You may not have the best job or the biggest house, but you’re grateful for what you’ve got. But the thing you’re most grateful for are the wonderful people in your life. They have helped you and shown you what true friendship is all about.

You’re experiencing life at its best. You feel like you can overcome any obstacle with your friends and loved ones by your side. You haven’t felt this free and fulfilled in a long time. Enjoy this time with the ones that have stuck with you through thick and thin and show them how grateful you are for all their love and support.”

The querent has reached the end of an emotional journey and should maintain their friendship with the people that have helped them during this journey.


Reversed Meaning of the Ten of Cups Tarot Card:

Reversed the Ten of Cups shows that the querent has not found emotional enlightenment through their journey and as a result they are pushing people away and wreaking havoc in their relationships. They may feel as though they have been wasting their time with these people.

“Friendship is not a waste of time, and though people fight in any relationship the type of confrontation you’re instigating is sure to rip your relationships apart. You have a tendency to become violent and hurtful when you’re feeling like this. And you’re feeling like this was all a gigantic waste of your time, because you’re not even close to where you want to be, and now you’re taking that anger out on the people around you.

That’s not very nice and it won’t bring you any close to finding the emotional fulfillment that you’re looking for. Rather confide your feelings in someone and open up. Show your vulnerable side a little. It will get you closer to where you truly want to be than pushing everyone in your life away.”

The querent’s disappointment in themself may be causing them to lash out at others, but as soon as they own up to their own feelings the loneliness that is causing the pain will dissipate and they will start feeling better. It is understandable that they feel this way after not finding the emotional fulfillment they set out to find and others will offer their support.