Seven of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Seven of Cups


imagination, illusion, directionless, sentiment


willpower, determination, projects

Visual Description of the Seven of Cups:

A man stands before seven cups. These cups are floating in the cloud of his imagination. They are his wishes and dreams. But at closer inspection the cups are seem to hold not only desirable objects, but also dangerous ones. It shows that the man is caught in the trap of wishful thinking. He is imagining a great future for himself and thinking everything can be perfect, but in this there are hidden dangers that h is overlooking due to the allure of the “perfection” he sees in the desirable objects, but this perfection lives in the realm of ideals and his musings are sure to be less than perfect once he attains them.


Divinatory Meaning of the Seven of Cups:

Upright Meaning of the Seven of Cups Tarot Card:

The querent is very imaginative at this time. The are dreaming of a brighter future filled with possibilities and success, but they are living in the realm of illusion and need to be brought back down to earth before they find themselves directionless.

“You’re dreaming of a brighter tomorrow. This is all good and well, and it may get you through the hard times you face today, but it’s always a good idea to stay realistic. You need to be careful what you wish for, as the saying goes, because you just might get it. And while everything looks perfect from far away the greener grass is only greener because a lot of time and effort have been spent to get it that way…

You may have the idea of what your perfect life looks like, but remember that nothing is as easy as it seems. People who attain and maintain success in their lives work hard for it. So, while dreaming of a brighter tomorrow helps you to stay focused on getting through today, don’t succumb to the illusion that tomorrow won’t bring problems of its own.”

The querent is advised to weigh up their options carefully at this stage. There is a strong possibility that things will not turn out as perfect as they hoped and if they jump into a new direction because they think it’s easier they will face difficulties that will leave them failing and feeling directionless. They should therefore think logically about their dreams and focus on the ones that are practical. The sentiment of a happy and fulfilled life is a good one to strive for, but running after impractical illusions will not bring them what they seek.


Reversed Meaning of the Seven of Cups Tarot Card:

Reversed the Seven of Cups indicates that the querent is aware of what they want. They understand that hard work and determination are the only things that will bring them the success they are after. They have weighed up their options and are aware of the risks involved and have chosen to proceed.

“You are under no illusions when it comes to the seriousness of what you are facing. You made a calculated decision that this is what you want and you’re willing to do everything it takes to get what you came here for. You will meet with opposition and obstacles on your path, if you haven’t already, but you know that nothing worth having is easy.

You have the willpower and determination to make this project work. Even if you feel like giving up at times, push through. You have the chance to really make it. Even if your goals are bog, you have a plan. Even if you have to change that plan from time to time to adjust for the unexpected, you have what it takes.”

The querent is aligned with their goal and they have the potential to succeed if they put in the effort to do so.