Queen of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Queen of Cups


loving, devoted person who is gentle and exudes happiness


a perverse and unhappy person who suffers from a gloomy disposition and over-active imagination

Visual Description of the Queen of Cups:

The Queen of Cups sits on a stone throne. The stone is covered in images of sea-nymphs, fish and sea shells, showing her connection to the ocean, water and everything emotional. Her feet rest on the shore of the ocean behind her. This indicates that, while she is in tune with her emotions, they do not drown her. In her hands she holds the cup, but unlike other Cups in this suit, it is closed. Implying that her thoughts and emotions comes from her subconscious, and like the ocean around her she does not let these overwhelm her. She has a calm and introspective demeanor, enjoying the company of others as much as her own.


Divinatory Meaning of the Queen of Cups:

Upright Meaning of the Queen of Cups Tarot Card:

The Queen of Cups can refer to the querent or someone in the querent’s life. This person, querent or otherwise is in tune with their emotions, but they have learned not to let these govern their life. As a result they can stay calm, even in moments of great emotional uproar. They are gentle and devoted to loving those that are in their life. They exude an aura of happiness and contentment wherever they go.

“You have the quiet confidence that comes from being emotionally mature. You are in touch with your emotions, but not overwhelmed by them. You have a deeper understanding of how they work within you and you can keep them under control without stifling them. As a result you are a very gentle and happy person that has stable and loving relationships.

You also love to help others, whether it’s caring for them or just sharing your love with those who are lonely or struggling… You enjoy the feeling of seeing others find the same sense of emotional stability you enjoy and make a concerted effort to create a loving and caring environment for others to thrive in.”

If this meaning does not resonate with the querent there is someone in their life that will create a stable and loving environment for them to stabilize their emotions and find a greater sense of clarity.


Reversed Meaning of the Queen of Cups Tarot Card:

Reversed the Queen of Cups indicates a person that is emotionally unstable. They are unhappy at the best of times and take their moods out on those around them. This may be the querent themself or a person in the querent’s life.

“You’re not a happy person. The chances are that you feel this way because you are suppressing your emotions, possibly due to past trauma. As a result you are glum on the best of days… Your emotions are out of balance and it’s making you tempramental, which isn’t a nice thing to hear, but as soon as you get them under control you’ll find that you’re a much, much nicer person.

Creative expression is a great way for you to release some pent up energy and use your imagination in a productive rather than destructive way. At the moment you’re feeling as though the whole world is against you, which is causing you to come up with scenarios in which this is true, you then end up acting as if those scenarios have already happened. Instead of falling into this trap, rather try to focus on positive affirmations and don’t let past difficulties determine your future.”

If this meaning does not resonate with the querent they should watch out for someone in their life that embodies this gloomy disposition. Instead of being dragged under by this person they can try to help them by pointing out the positive or just being an ear to listen. They should however not get dragged into a situation that is more than they can handle and should put up clear boundaries.