Eight of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Eight of Cups


disappointment, abandonment, misery


pleasure, success, joy, celebration

Visual Description of the Eight of Cups:

Eight cups stand arranged in such a way that it looks as though one is missing. In the dead of night a man walks away from the cups. He is looking for the missing cup, or he is running away from an uncompleted task. What his mission is is unclear, but what is clear is that the journey will not be an easy ne, as mountains stretch out before him. He has turned his back on the unfulfilled arrangement of cups whether he will return with the ninth cup will depend on his determination and courage. The river shows that he is emotional about the missing cup, whether he has lost it or failed to attain it in the first place, he definitely feels as though something is missing.


Divinatory Meaning of the Eight of Cups:

Upright Meaning of the Eight of Cups Tarot Card:

The querent is in search of the ninth cup, which represents fulfillment and contentment, even success. They are searching for something, but in this search they have turned their back on what they have already achieved. This is okay if the querent plans on returning, but they may be giving up on the situation altogether after some form of disappointment.

“You thought you’d completed all that needed to be done to feel like you’ve reached the top, but there is still something missing. You can decide to abandon everything you worked so hard for but there is only one thing still missing. Getting that thing might not be easy, but it will be worth it.

On the other hand your sense of loss may be so great that you just turn your back on what you have already achieved. The choice is yours to make. Although choosing to give up has the potential of adding to your misery and regret. Rather forge on, figure out what it is that’s still missing and go and get it. The sense of fulfilment you will achieve once your “set of cups” is complete will outweigh any hardship you face on the way to achieving this goal.”

The querent is at a critical part of their life where they either need to push forward and complete their goals or give up and abandon their achievements in order to start something new. It is advised that they complete this journey, even if they should choose to follow a completely different path once they have completed it.


Reversed Meaning of the Eight of Cups Tarot Card:

The reversed meaning of the Eight of Cups refers to the completion of the set of cups shown on the card. The querent has been successful and they have completed a goal. They have a full set of cups to rejoice over.

“You have overcome the obstacles you’ve faced and now you’ve got an unmistakable feeling of fulfillment and joy. You reached your goals and you’re feeling good about yourself. It’s time to celebrate how far you have come. You know the journey has not been easy, but now that you have completed it you wouldn’t change any part of it. You realise that each aspect of the challenges you had to face helped you to grow.


It’s as if you won a prize every time you overcame an obstacle and now your mantlepiece is filled with the cups of your success. It might soon be time to start working on filling a new mantlepiece, but for now you can revel in the sweet success you have already attained.”

The querent deserves to congratulate themselves. They should remember this feeling of achievement every time they face an obstacle in the future as it will remind them of the fact that pushing through and reaching your goals is worth the effort it takes to get there.