How To Find Affordable Tarot Card Decks

How To Find Affordable Tarot Card Decks

When you’re first starting out with exploring the world of Tarot, all the beautifully illustrated Tarot decks that you come across might tempt you. Although it would be nice to own an elaborate Tarot deck, the price tag on one of these decks might just send you into shock. However, don’t despair at the thought that you can’t get into Tarot without investing in an expensive deck. With the popularity of Tarot today, there’s many options out there for finding decks that are affordable, yet beautifully illustrated.

Buy Used Tarot Decks

Tarot has been around for a long time and people’s interest in it comes and goes. People may pick up Tarot for a time and decide after a while that they’re no longer interested. When people move on there’s a high chance that they’re willing to sell all of their Tarot cards for less than they paid for. A few places to look for second hand cards is in your local classifieds or on ebay.
Remember not to be overly excited by the cheap prices on a used deck and make sure that the deck is complete and the cards aren’t too worn or damaged. Buying used Tarot cards is also a good way to find antique or vintage decks. Although you might not want to actually use these cards, they would be nice to display in your Tarot collection.

Buying Affordable New Tarot Decks

With so many choices for Tarot decks out there, it can be a little overwhelming trying to find the right deck at a good price. You obviously don’t want to buy just any cheap deck. Make sure to only buy decks that you can see a preview of. Even if the deck you find is $3, you don’t want to buy something that is complete junk. Be sure to do some research before committing to a deck. Nothing is worse than getting a good deal on a Tarot deck, but hating the thought of having to use it.

Places to Find Affordable Tarot Decks

Your Local Metaphysical Shop

If you’re lucky enough to live in a city or town where someone has an interest in Tarot and other spiritual arts, check to see if you have a local Metaphysical shop. Shopping locally first is always a good idea and you’ll be helping out a small business. Your local Metaphysical shop should have a wide range of cards available at different price points and you’ll be able to physically touch and see the cards before you purchase.

Local Flea Market/Swap Meet/Garage Sales

Flea markets and similar types of local sales events are a good place to find eclectic things. It never hurts to try and search through a flea market, swap meet, or garage sale because chances are high that someone is selling Tarot merchandise.

Ebay and Amazon

Ebay and Amazon have become the place to turn to when you kind find what you’re looking for from anywhere else. There are a ton of sellers on both sites who specialize in selling Tarot cards and books. The nice thing about Ebay and Amazon is that you can use their shopping filters to find Tarot cards in your preferred price range.


Etsy is the go to place for handmade goods and crafts. There are plenty of artists and creators on Etsy who are selling their own decks at affordable prices. You can also find people on Etsy selling just the images for a few dollars that you can print at home.

Popular Websites That Sell Tarot Cards

The following websites sell a lot of different Tarot cards so you should be able to find a deck that fits into your price range:

Although shopping around for affordable Tarot cards might seem impossible, there are lots of places you can look before caving in and buying a deck that’s way outside of your price range. Take the time to shop around and do your research. The most important thing to remember when selecting an affordable Tarot deck is to find cards that speak to you. Don’t just buy something cheap because you can.

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