When discussing the Libra zodiac sign, the word “balanced” is the most accurate descriptor. Libra is the seventh of 12 zodiac signs and is symbolized by scales. Scales aid in keeping things on an even keel, which is what Libra strives to accomplish. Unlike others, the Libra sign is mainly about others rather than about the self. But there is a great deal of complexity to being a Libra. Horoscope information will become easier to understand when you know the characteristics of your zodiac sign, as will tarot card readings such as the free three-card reading that we offer here on Tarot Prophet.

Numerous Libra facts can make it easier to understand the differences between this sign and other zodiac signs. Zodiac signs are separated into four elements, and Libra, along with Aquarius and Gemini, is an air sign. Libra is also most compatible with both of its fellow air signs. Libra is ruled by loving and gentle Venus and is the sign for people born between Sept. 23 and Oct. 22. Because it is ruled by Venus, Libra loves creating beautiful things and finds enjoyment in beautiful possessions and places and the company of beautiful people. A charming nature is typical for a Libra, who often has the right things to say. Most dislike being alone and have a strong desire for relationships, either romantic or social. In fact, Libras are typically at their best when they have a partner. They do well in groups at work, yet the most important partnership or group in a Libra’s life is the one that comes from marriage and family.

Understanding Libra zodiac sign characteristics can also help when it comes to career choices and preferences. With the scales as their symbol, it is understandable that Libras do well in justice-related careers, such as attorneys, judges, or even civil servants. Because of their love of beautiful things and their creative nature, they also excel as artists or designers.

If you are a Libra, you may frequently find yourself mediating disagreements with friends or family, as your personality traits are ideal for settling disputes. This is because Libras have a strong desire for harmony and are known for being diplomatic and objective. The characterizing strengths of the Libra sign include fairness, graciousness, a sociable attitude, and a cooperative nature that strives to help others. Libras will, however, try to avoid personal confrontation as much as possible, as they hate conflict. This may lead to indecisiveness at times, which is typically considered a negative trait. Other weaknesses include a penchant for self-pity and the ability to carry a grudge.

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