When we talk about the Libra zodiac sign, the word “balance” is the most accurate description. Libra is the seventh of the 12 signs of the zodiac and is symbolized with scales. The scales help keep things balanced, which is precisely what Libra strives to achieve. Unlike the others, the sign of Libra is mainly about others instead of oneself. But being Libra is certainly complex. The horoscope information will be easier to understand when you know the characteristics of your zodiac sign , as will the tarot card readings, such as the free reading of three tarot cards that we offer here in Tarot Prophet.

There are many facts about Libras that can help us understand the differences between this sign and other signs of the zodiac. The zodiac signs are separated into four elements, and Libra, next to Aquarius and Gemini, is an air sign. Libra is also more compatible with these two signs. Libra is governed by the loving and delicate Venus and is the sign of people born between September 23 and October 22. Because it is ruled by Venus, Libra loves to create beautiful things and finds enjoyment in possessions and pleasant places and the company of beautiful people. In the Libras a charming nature is typical, which often says the right things. Most do not like being alone and have a strong desire for relationships, whether romantic or social. In fact, Pounds are generally at their best when they have a partner. At work they do well in groups, although the most important alliance or most important group in the life of a Libra is one that comes from marriage and family.

Understanding the characteristics of the zodiac sign of the Libra also help in regards to labor choices and preferences. With the balance as a symbol of the sign, it is understandable that Libras move well in professions related to justice, such as those of lawyers, judges or public officials. Because of their love for beautiful things and their creative nature, they also stand out as artists or designers.

Si eres Libra, podrías encontrarte con frecuencia meditando acerca de desacuerdos con amigos o familia, ya que los rasgos de tu personalidad son ideales para resolver conflictos. Esto se debe a que los Libras sienten un fuerte deseo de armonía y son conocidos por ser personas diplomáticas y objetivas. Las fortalezas más características de los Libra incluyen equidad, gracia, una actitud sociable y una naturaleza cooperativa que se esfuerza por ayuda a los demás. Los Libra, sin embargo, evitarán la confrontación personal tanto como les sea posible, ya que odian el conflicto. Esto podría llevar en ocasiones a la indecisión, que se considera típicamente un rasgo negativo. Otras debilidades incluyen la tendencia a la auto-compasión y la capacidad de guardar rencores.

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