Birthday Numerology Compatibility

Birthday Numerology Compatibility

The day of our birth is obviously very important. So many parts of our lives are influenced and affected by our birth date. Many different Zodiacs and forms of Astrology use our birthdays to make predictions about our lives. Numerology takes your exact birth date and uses all the numbers to determine your Life Path Number. Life Path numbers range from 1 – 9 and each number has different characteristics. When it comes to romantic relationships, your life path number is the most important. Like in other forms of astrology, some signs pair better than others do. Let your Life Path Number guide you in love, but remember that with a little patience and understanding you can make almost any relationship work.

1 Life Path: The Leader

1’s are creative, independent, and confident people. They are natural born leaders who enjoy being the boss in every situation. 1’s are unique and stand out from the crowd. They are all about pursuing their passions.

Best Matches: 3 and 5

Both signs are flexible enough to put up with 1’s bossy nature. 3’s humor and easy going attitude will balance your serious disposition. 5’s flexible and adventurous energy brings new ideas and opportunities to your relationship.

Worst Match: 1 and 8

Two 1’s might have a passionate relationship, but things will be difficult as both 1’s try to dominate the other. 1 and 8 make a poor pair and their competitiveness is never ending.


2 Life Path: The Mediator

2’s are harmonious, cooperative, and diplomatic. They love feeling needed and they are quick to help someone out. 2’s have big hearts and fare best in group settings where their contributions will be valued and respected.

Best Matches: 8 and 9

8 and 2 will balance each other out. 2 will nurture 8 and will stand by them as 8 achieves their goals. 9 is just as caring as 2 and they will provide all the love and attention that 2 craves.

Worst Matches: 5 and 7

Though they may have a lot initial sparks, ultimately 5 is too unruly and irresponsible for 2. 7 and 2 are polar opposites; 2 needs too much attention to be happy and 7 needs their space to recharge.


3 Life Path: The Communicator

3’s are expressive, communicative, optimistic, and joyful people. They are highly creative artists and make the things they do look easy. 3’s have a vast array of interests, but have a hard time committing to one thing. They are fun an energetic and they know how to keep things light.

Best Matches: 5 and 6

3 loves 5’s energy; together they will have endless fun and embark on daring adventures around the world. 6 will provide 3 with the stability they need to use their creative talents to their fullest potential.

Worst Matches: 4 and 8

3 and 4 are complete opposites; 3 is spontaneous and fun and 4 is more rigid and needs their life planned out. 8 is too focused on their own success to join in 3’s adventures.

4 Life Path: The Teacher

4’s are dependable, trustworthy, and hardworking people. They value security, stability, and work hard to get what they want. Their careers are important and they love sharing their knowledge with other people

Best Matches: 7 and 8

Though they might not have the most exciting relationship, 4 and 7 are loyal and dedicated to one another. Both 4 and 8 are hardworking and disciplined; they know that the key to success is diligence.

Worst Matches: 5 and 9

4 and 5 have differing needs; 5 craves adventure and 4 needs constant stability to feel happy. 4 and 9 have different focuses in their life. 9 just wants to dedicate their time to helping others and 4 just wants to build a solid career.

5 Life Path: The Freedom Seeker

5’s are adventurous, fearless, flexible, and fun individuals. Their focus in  life is to experience the world and travel. They live unconventional lives and have trouble settling down.

Best Matches: 1 and 7

1 and 7 both lead very busy lives and though they don’t see each other much, every time they get together is special and magical. 7 and 5 balance each other out and have a mutual respect for the other’s independence.

Worst Matches: 2 and 6

2 needs too much attention and focus on their family while 5 just wants to have fun and go on adventures. 6 and 5 have opposing natures; 5 is unrestrained and 6 wants to assert control.

6 Life Path: The Nurturer

6’s are romantic, devoted, loving, and family-oriented. They are good listeners and they are naturally good at giving advice. Home and family are really important to 6 and they love serving others.

Best Matches: 2 and 9

2 and 6 both have caring dispositions and they each will be devoted to their family. 6 and 9 will have a harmonious life. 9 is probably the only person that 6 really respects.

Worst Matches: 1 and 7

1 and 6 will have a power struggle. 1 is fiercely independent and 6 will just want to take care of them. 6 is forthcoming with what they want in life, but 7 is too secretive and it’s hard to know what they’re thinking.

7 Life Path: The Seeker

7’s are intuitive, wise, and analytical people. They are naturally inquisitive and always searching for life’s answers. Sometimes they get stuck in their own heads while over- analyzing everything. They are solitary and need alone time to recharge.

Best Matches: 1 and 5

1 and 7 have different energies, but they go well together. 7 brings new insights to their relationship and 1 motivates 7 to succeed. Since 5 is busy with their own adventures, they’re more than happy to give 7 the space they need.

Worst Matches: 3 and 8

3 and 7 have dissimilar dispositions; 3 loves being social and all 7 wants to do is spend their time alone. 8 always wants to dominate and assert control and this clashes with 7’s need to be alone.

8 Life Path: The Powerhouse

8’s are powerful, authoritative, and influential individuals. They are the type of people who are destined for greatness. Though their path to the top will be fraught with challenges, 8’s are persistent and work hard to get everything they want.

Best Matches: 4 and 6

4 and 8 have many things in common; they are both hardworking and goal oriented. Together these two will help each other achieve their goals. 6 and 8 will have a harmonious relationship and both of them have big goals in life.

Worst Match: 1 and 5

1 and 8 might have a good business relationship, but will have a rocky romance. Both of them are too domineering and assertive and neither will yield to the other. 5 and 8 both dislike living by other people’s rules. 5 values their freedom, but 8 will try to control them.

9 Life Path: The Humanitarian

9’s are charitable, idealistic, and compassionate people. They love helping others and use their talents to change the world for the better. Though they’re great at giving help, they often have a hard time asking for help.

Best Matches: 1 and 3

In the case of 1 and 9, opposites attract. 9’s selfless nature allows 1 to fulfill their need to be the leader in a relationship. 3 and 9 are both creative; 3’s lighthearted nature will help balance 9’s serious disposition.

Worst Matches: 7 and 8

7 and 9 will clash spiritually and they will have a hard time compromising with each other. Though they are both highly motivated individuals, 8 and 9 have trouble understanding the ways of the other.