Royal Arcana – The Exclusive Club

Royal Arcana – The Exclusive Club

When thinking about tarot cards, the Minor and the Major Arcana always come to mind. But rarely, someone thinks about the Royal Arcana, one of the most exclusive clubs. The reality is there is no official term “Royal Arcana”, but it is a club consisted of the four court cards of each suit. The club is elusive, and people very often think how to present the Royal Arcana cards.

Why is the club Exclusive?

The Royal Arcana has few characteristics no other card in the tarot has.

  1. The cards can put reference to people in many levels, including the past, present and future. Often, people that are no longer present in this world appear in the Royal Arcana (deceased family members and friends). Natural medium people are bound for such an experience.
  2. The Royal Arcana cards can point to real people present in our life, and to our own internal behavior as well. Their double meaning, external and internal, is what makes them special.
  3. The cards are like a living chameleon, changing their reading and meaning accordingly to the context of the queen.

The Power of Intuition

The Royal Arcana cards demand the practitioner to rely on his/her intuition more heavily than normally. There is no reading just with court cards, but once they appear in a reading, they change the whole dynamics. When reading Royal Arcana cards, one must search for the common voice, one that tells a story. An interesting way of presenting court cards is by personalizing their meaning. In essence, this means to use first person point of view.

The Cards and Their Meaning

  • King of pentacles – stable, patient, sexual, protective, family man
  • King of cups – charismatic, eloquent speaker, good listener, excellent leadership skills, loves to travel
  • King of swords – wise, logical, truthful, loves numbers, good analytic mind, strategic, often regrets mistakes from the past
  • King of wands – honest, holds high moral standards, high family values, visionary, creative, and trustworthy
  • Queen of wands – faithful, nurturing, kind, loves to be around people, beautiful, makes everyone around her feel special and pays attention to their needs
  • Queen of pentacles – picky, caring, sensual, loves to spoil her children and husband, is always surrounded with luxury, and when drawn, brings message of home and focus on children
  • Queen of swords – likes to be alone, strong, focused, sets high expectations for others, intuitive, passionate
  • Queen of cups – calm and loving, this queen is reserved to the world, and focused on her family and love life