Cancer Love Horoscope

Cancer Love Horoscope

General Overview

  • The 4th sign in the Zodiac
  • Symbol: The Crab
  • Date: June 21st – July 22nd
  • Element: Water
  • Quality: Cardinal
  • Ruling Planet: The Moon
  • Color: Orange, White
  • Day: Monday, Thursday
  • Body part: Chest, Stomach
  • Strengths: tenacious, sympathetic, loyal, nurturing, creative
  • Weaknesses: hypersensitive, competitive, moody, pessimistic, manipulative

Cancer signs are highly intuitive and emotional people. Though they are greatly attuned to other people’s emotions, Cancer people are hard to know. They place great importance on their family and will put them above everything else in their lives. Cancer doesn’t enjoy change and they prefer to establish deep roots and connections. They’re not ambitious people and are more than happy to dedicate themselves to maintaining a happy family and home. They aren’t really social people and prefer a cozy night in to a wild night out on the town. Due to their strongly emotional nature, Cancer is moody and often unruly.

Cancer is the sign that makes us cling to the comforting and familiar. As a water sign, Cancer gets people’s creative juices flowing. Since the Moon rules Cancer, emotions and gut feelings rule everything in their life. Though they easily empathize with people’s pain and suffering, they sometimes have trouble dealing with their own negative emotions. They are people often ruled by many fears and turbulent emotions.

In Love

Going with their feelings is the most important thing for a Cancer. Cancers are ruled by their hearts in all matters. They are sensitive and compassionate people who need partners who are patient and understanding. Since Cancer wears its heart on its sleeve, they hate anyone who is fake and superficial. They are sincere people and refuse to play any games in love. Cancers value family and love children. When they find a suitable partner, they marry for life. Family is the number one thing in a Cancer’s life and it’s important for them to get along with their in-laws. With so many insecurities, Cancer needs someone grounded and stable. The downside of Cancer’s emotions is that they will cling to a dying relationship even when it’s clear things are over. Once Cancer makes the right match, they will always be kind and loving.

How to Attract Cancer Men

Cancer men have many fears and loathe the thought of rejection. If you’re interested in him, it’s up to you to make the first move. They are complex, shy, and sensitive people. You need to be someone who will make them feel safe and secure. He isn’t looking to play games and wants someone he can see as his future wife and the mother of his children. The Cancer man loves to take care of other people, so it’s important that you make him feel needed. He is traditional and wants to fill the typical masculine and fatherly role in your relationship. To make this paring work, you have to be an equally expressive person.

How to Attract Cancer Women

The Cancer woman is emotional and vulnerable. She needs a partner who will never break her heart or hurt her feelings. She takes things slow in love and needs a lover who is patient and kind. You will have to work hard to gain her trust, but when you win her over, she will be a passionate and loyal partner. Cancer is serious about marriage and not looking for a one-night stand. She won’t play your games. She seeks true love and wants real and honest romance. When you’re with a Cancer, never betray her trust. She is unforgiving and she will never forget how you hurt her. If you want this relationship to last, just remember to be faithful and to respect her.

Best Match: Taurus

Both Taurus and Cancer are family oriented people. Together they make a perfect pair and they will happily build a family and home. Taurus’ practical nature will help Cancer through emotional times. This is a relationship ruled by emotions and neither is able to hide their feelings from the other. They share many interest and value the same things in life like their family, home, and children. Both signs are highly expressive and emotionally open. They will not run into many communication problems or misunderstandings. These two signs really understand each other and each will go out of their way to take care of the other. Though they have a generally harmonious relationship, they do differ when it comes to material things. Taurus likes money and material wealth while Cancer looks for more ethereal and spiritual pleasures.

Worst Match: Aquarius

Aquarius and Cancer will have a highly incompatible relationship. Aquarius is usually quick to point our Cancer’s mistakes and embarrass them in front of other people. Cancer loves to feel needed and Aquarius is too independent. Though Aquarius has good intentions when they try to help Cancer, Cancer is often left feeling hurt and belittled. Cancer is usually honest, but with Aquarius they will lie out of fear for how Aquarius will react to the situation. This relationship will have poor communication, a lack of trust, and safety. Aquarius is too adventurous and unconventional for Cancer, who enjoys peace, quiet, and the safety of their own home. In the end, Cancer and Aquarius will be an unhappy and mismatched couple.