Loyalty and love of family are the bedrocks of the Cancer personality. As family members, friends, and lovers, they are often the most sympathetic of your inner circle and are always quick to lend a shoulder to cry on. Their depth of empathy often results in them quite literally feeling your pain, and you’ll often find that when you need someone to depend on, a Cancer is always there to lend support, hanging on to your every need like the crabs that symbolize them. Their remarkable abilities to nurture and heal, often in emotional and creative ways, are some of the hallmarks of the Cancer star sign and make them an amazing asset in anyone’s life. If you’re a Cancer in need of some personal advice, order an online tarot reading at Tarot Prophet to start getting the sand out of your eyes!

When it comes to the idea of domestic bliss, there’s no dedicated zodiac sign. Cancer has a natural affinity for anything having to do with the home and will often work diligently and continuously to make a home bright, warm, and loving. Cancer astrology grants its holders a nurturing instinct that can be a wonderful advantage if any children or pets are in the home. Those who have the Cancer zodiac sign work daily to make the adage “home is where the heart is” a reality.

Many who share the Cancer sign are noted by others as being creatively blessed. Cancers make great artists, especially when creation is contingent upon their emotions. This gift of creativity can express itself in many forms, even if a Cancer is not apt to pick up an easel and paint: Some of the most talented gardeners and cooks, for example, were born between June 21 and July 22. Generally, Cancers excel at any profession that calls upon their refined skills as inherent nurturers. As a Cancer horoscope often denotes a sympathetic disposition, they can make great coworkers and are rarely involved in workplace conflict.

Despite being very adept at lifting up and comforting all of those around them, the Cancer sign also has its share of potentially negative traits. Though emotionally gifted, those born under this sign have to watch out for moodiness that can inadvertently affect others. The Cancer zodiac sign has a pronounced ability to persuade others, but if a Cancer doesn’t get what they want, they can become manipulative. While some may consider them to be demanding, those closest to them are more likely to think that they rely on nagging to change situations. Cancers may need to be regularly reassured, as anything less than this type of emotional comfort can result in suspicion and insecurity.

While helpful in understanding the essence of the astrological crab, general Cancer zodiac facts can be meaningless without taking into account your personal astrology. Consider investing in a personalized natal chart to learn all of the ways in which you stand out from the average crab. Then, order a tarot reading online today from Tarot Prophet. We’ll get to the bottom of your wonderfully crabby personality!