How To Perform A Live Tarot Reading From Anywhere

How To Perform A Live Tarot Reading From Anywhere

Getting a live face-to-face Tarot reading has been the traditional way of conducting a Tarot reading for a client since its inception. Unfortunately, it might not always be possible to receive a live reading in this way because you might not live in a city or a town that has any Tarot readers available. Although Tarot is still very popular, it seems to be a dying art and not many people have a dedicate Tarot reading spot. Thankfully, newer technology has made is possible to conduct live Tarot readings from anywhere.

One of the most popular and easiest ways to conduct a live Tarot reading is over the phone. Many people may be apprehensive at the thought of receiving a reading over the phone since interaction with the Tarot reader will be limited. Rest assured that a live Tarot reading over the phone is just as accurate as one made in person. In fact, many Tarot readers believe that a phone reading is better for both the reader and the client. Here are a few reasons why you might want to looking into receiving or giving a live Tarot reading over the phone:

  • As a Tarot reader, you can work from home. This is a big advantage and allows you to dictate when and where you work.
  • As a querent, you can call in from anywhere. By conducting the reading over the phone, you can speak with your favorite Tarot reader no matter where you live.
  • A live reading over the phone keeps your Tarot reader honest. Since your reader can’t see what you look like or pick up information from your demeanor, they only have their intuition to rely on.
  • In this way, your reading may feel more authentic and believable.
  • In addition to putting the querent at ease, a phone reading is an opportunity for a Tarot reader to prove their skills. Since they won’t be communicating face to face, the Tarot reader will have to rely on their intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. This is the chance for a Tarot reader to prove their legitimacy.
  • As a querent, you’ll have more options by choosing a phone reading. As has been stated, you might not live in an area with many or any Tarot readers. You have the freedom to choose to receive a reading from anyone who’s offering one.
  • If you’re someone who is anxious or nervous, a live phone reading can put you at ease. Sometimes it’s a little scary to receive a Tarot reading and being in the comfort of your own home will allow you to relax. This also makes it easier for you to be more receptive to what the Tarot reader has to tell you.
  • You have the power to stop the reading at any time. If you feel like the reading isn’t going right, then it’s much easier to hang up a phone than it is to walk out on someone in person.

Tips for Receiving a Live Phone Reading

  • Do your research and look for a reputable Tarot reader. Try looking for websites or psychic networks that have a good reputation.
  • Read reviews of the Tarot reader you are hoping to consult. Average out the reviews you find to see if this reader will be right for you. Don’t just look at the positive reviews; make sure you read some of the most negative ones as these may provide a little more insight into the reader.
  • Create a list of questions beforehand. Since you’re usually paying for a live phone reading by the minute, you won’t want to waste any time fumbling with small things. It’s a good idea to know what it is you’re seeking before the reading even begins.


Tips for Giving a Live Phone Reading

  • Look for a reputable company to work for. There are many trusted psychic networks that offer phone readings. Try to find a job with them to protect your reputation.
  • Be aware that there are different standards for giving a phone reading than a face to face one, especially if you decide to work for a network.
  • Take it slow and practice on friends and family if you’ve never given a phone reading before.
  • Sharpen all of your abilities and skills since you’ll need to rely on them more than you would for an in person reading.

The modern world allows us to receive and give live Tarot readings from anywhere and at any time. Phones and the internet make it easier than ever to receive the answers we’ve been looking for.


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