Astrology and Tarot: How Are They Connected?

Astrology and Tarot: How Are They Connected

There is no denying that astrology and tarot are deeply linked. Both philosophies consult the astral world for guidance. While in astrology, zodiac signs and readings focus more on planets and their positioning, tarot focuses on the mythical power of the astral world. Combining astrology and tarot helps tarot practitioners and readers expand their practice, while for clients, both philosophies help enrich their life. Some believe that every card in the tarot deck relates to astrology. Find out the connections between astrology and tarot here.

The Real Connection

In reality, astrology plays a major role in the interpretation of the cards and the meanings in tarot. The spread in tarot often looks like a constellation. One of the biggest links between astrology and tarot was set with the emergence of the Order of the Golden Dawn, an esoteric order that was deeply connected with astrology and spirituality. Several decks have emerged as a result of the work of this order, including the Thoth tarot, the Golden Dawn tarot, the BOTA tarot, and the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot.

How Are Astrology and Tarot Different?

One thing that is dissimilar when it comes to astrology and tarot is their reputation. Astrology is calculable and is very closely related to mathematics. In the days of the Roman Empire, astrologers were actually called mathematicians. As such, astrology makes people feel safe, as it can be calculated. Tarot, on the other hand, has its own reading and meaning, and it is often different depending on the reader. The very essence of tarot is free interpretation, and the statements are drawn from coinciding situations. Some people think that a logically calculated astrological reading is much more accurate and has a more solid foundation than a tarot one.

Astrology and Tarot: The Zodiac

According to believers in both tarot and astrology, zodiac signs are each linked to a tarot card from the Major Arcana. The relationships between astrology and tarot cards are as follows:

  • Aries is linked with The Emperor, a card representing loyalty.
  • The card of the Taurus is The Hierophant, representing knowledge and people seeking higher truths.
  • Gemini is linked with The Lovers, representing the same dual nature of choosing between the high and the low road.
  • Cancer, or The Chariot, represents the love for being free and overcoming life’s conflicts.
  • Leo’s card is Strength, representing mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual power and courage.
  • Virgo is linked to The Hermit, representing a need to slow down and focus on purpose in life.
  • Libra’s card is Justice, a state of mind where people put their feelings and emotions aside in order to make a fair decision and outcome.
  • Scorpio is linked to Death, and this sign welcomes change and transformation.
  • Sagittarius and its counterpart Temperance are gifted mediators and often find their way through difficulties.
  • Capricorn is linked to The Devil, advising people to reflect on negativity and swap it for confidence.
  • The card of Aquarius is The Star, focusing on optimism and helping people around them to believe that anything is possible.
  • Pieces is linked to The Moon, a creature of ever-changing moods.

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