The Virgo sign is symbolized by the virgin, and in many ways, that suits the characteristics of people with this sign. Those born under this sign aspire to perfection in everything they do and love order, organization, and cleanliness. Virgos excel in any endeavor or profession that requires attention to detail and precision. Intelligent and gifted in the realm of communication, those with a Virgo horoscope often have reputations for being great writers, impressive speakers, and uniquely funny when given the chance to let their hair down and be themselves. If you’re a Virgo who is facing an imminent and important decision in life or simply want insight into your personality, order a tarot reading so we can begin to pull back the many interesting layers of your Virgo nature!

Loyal and kind, those who have the Virgo sign are often the first called when others are in need of help or care. Virgo is the sign of service, and some of the most satisfying work that any Virgo can undertake is often tied to caregiving or aiding others in various capacities. Their keen observation and analytical skills make them naturals at providing care in medical professions or any job in which an attention to detail and quick, correct decision-making is necessary. As they’re innate skeptics who are devoted to realism, proof of any claim is required with this zodiac sign. Virgo needs to know the facts before accepting a position or making a decision!

No sign has a better reputation for being hard workers than Virgo. Zodiac signs of a similar variety, such as those also ruled by the earth element, may be great performers while on the job, but no sign dedicates itself as wholly and completely to tasks as much as those born between Aug. 23 and Sept. 22. Virgos devote themselves to their professional responsibilities so intensely that they often voluntarily take their work home with them. This is one of the more remarkable traits of Virgo astrology. Virgo has an almost obsessive need to know that a job is being done or has been satisfactorily completed and will worry about incidentals and worst-case scenarios until the endeavor is safely over.

Part of the Virgo personality hinges on the pride of being able to do for themselves and others without asking for or needing help. This pride can sometimes lead to emotional pain, as they can be their own worst critics. While the Virgo personality is modest by design, they never shy away from letting others know where they have room for improvement. For this reason, other signs may find someone with Virgo astrology hard to get close to, as critiques in their personal, professional, and romantic lives are never far away.

Despite a prevalence of common stereotypes and preconceptions, the Virgo sign is more than meets the eye. Uncovering the special attributes of each Virgo, however, can require a specialized natal chart that analyzes the date, time, and location of birth. Virgos who want inside information or detailed guidance on any situation in their lives are welcome to order a comprehensive tarot reading. Get your tarot reading online today!