Considered to be one of the more clever signs, an Aquarius offers those around them much in the way of entertainment and knowledge, and they are always willing to share both! Sociability, altruism, and a love of justice are all key attributes of an Aquarius. Zodiac signs that share the air element associated with Aquarius, or even its dual ruling planets of Uranus and Saturn, don’t come close to this special brand of late January and early February astrology. Aquarius simply stands out, and its uniqueness, creativity, and ability to think deeply about everything makes it the sign of revolutionaries, objective judges, and humanitarians. Learn all about Aquarius personality traits here, then consider purchasing a tarot reading to gain real insight into your unique self!

The Aquarius personality is often considered to be the most progressive of the zodiac signs. Aquarius, for that reason, will often employ a natural inclination for unconventional thinking to come up with visionary ideas for the good of humanity. You’ll always be able to count on an Aquarius to dream up a new and original idea to address a nagging problem, and the new solution will likely benefit all involved. When they commit themselves to humanitarianism, those born under Aquarius are often lauded as revolutionaries who change the way people think and the standards under which they operate. Some of the most important historical figures and social gurus, like Abraham Lincoln and Bob Marley, may owe their courage to change systems and their devotion to the betterment of society to the Aquarius personality.

Symbolized by the water-bearer, Aquarius can sometimes stumble and spill the goodness that they have to offer. Since Aquarius astrology gives people with this sign a profound intellectual ability, they can often value mental work more than emotional connections. Friends, family, and acquaintances may accuse those with an Aquarius horoscope of being aloof, unemotional, or uncaring. Their love of original ideas and actions can also lead to an unwillingness to compromise and outright rebelliousness. In addition, others may find an Aquarius difficult to talk to due to a fear of being judged; an Aquarius dislikes shallowness and may often turn up their nose at those who engage in small talk or superficial conversation.

Those born between Jan. 21 and Feb. 18 have the potential to express all of the amazingly positive aspects of Aquarius. Zodiac enthusiasts born under this sign have a special birthright to change the world for the better and improve society, whether it be in small, local ways or through grand, sweeping ideologies. If you’re an Aquarius, consider having a personalized natal chart drawn to help identify the specific ways in which you can share your great gifts with the planet, as this may offer you clues to your destiny. For an even more in-depth look into your personality, order an online tarot reading here; tarot readings can offer clear guidance on specific issues you may be encountering in your professional or private life. We’ll unlock all of your special potential and help you become the best Aquarius you can be!