How To Use Your Psychic Abilities To Read Tarot

How To Use Your Psychic Abilities To Read Tarot

Having psychic abilities and using Tarot cards seem to go hand in hand. Although being psychic isn’t necessary to read Tarot, being highly intuitive makes reading Tarot easier and more accurate. Tarot cards themselves do not have mystic powers, but it’s true that they are a common psychic tool. The Rider-Waite Tarot cards, which are the most popular Tarot deck, are based on mystic symbolism. The nature of Tarot cards is the perfect conduit for psychics to channel their gifts.

Psychics have the unique ability to read colors, symbols, images, and auras. They have a strong sense of intuition and know what information to deliver to their clients. Sometimes you might end up with answers you weren’t looking for simply because your psychic could feel that it was what you actually needed to hear. All these gifts are heightened by reading Tarot. Even if you don’t feel like you’re psychic, the more you read Tarot, the more your intuition will develop. In this way, all Tarot readers have some psychic ability.

How to Know If You Have Psychic Abilities

Sometimes people don’t realize they have psychic talents. Recognizing if you have heightened intuition or psychic abilities will help you understand the Tarot more clearly. Here are a few things to look out for if you aren’t sure about your psychic gifts:

  • Do you ever feel like you just know things that you shouldn’t?
  • You receive information or visions about future events.
  • You have an answer for everything even if they’re not obvious to other people.
  • You have strong gut feelings about people.
  • You are empathic and sensitive to other people’s feelings.
  • You feel the universe reaching out to you.
  • You have an easy time visualize images in your mind.
  • You feel a strong inner voice guiding you through life.

Any one of these skills or a combination of them may mean that you have psychic abilities. Take the time to figure out if you feel like you can do any of these things.

How to Use Your Psychic Abilities to Read Tarot

After you’ve realized that you have psychic abilities, you have to figure out how to apply them toward reading Tarot. Having psychic abilities when you are reading Tarot means that you’ll receive guidance from Spirit and the forces of the universe. You’ll have to learn to recognize that not all the information of feelings you receive during a Tarot reading are logical. Tapping into your psychic abilities while you read Tarot means letting your feelings guide you. Don’t try to force an interpretation during a reading and don’t overthink the story you’re telling your client. Let the Spirit guide you in your readings.

Another thing to pay attention to as you’re giving a Tarot reading is any physical sensations. Psychics often feel goosebumps, a tingling sensation, or vibrations. You might be feeling the energy of your client or your own. These are all signs from the universe that are guiding in your reading. Pay attention to these sensations and eventually you’ll know when you’ve received an “intuitive hit”. Learning to recognize when your psychic gifts are at their peak will help you give strong Tarot readings.

The gift of clairvoyance is another common psychic ability. Keep your mind open so that you may receive these visions. If you are strong in this psychic area, you may receive visions of the future while you’re giving a Tarot reading. Just like with your other psychic abilities, you can exercise your clairvoyance. Try to strengthen this ability by using your mind’s eye and visualizing the story you want to tell your client.

Often times, psychics can “hear” their inner voice or voices calling out to them during a Tarot reading. If you receive these kinds of messages, don’t be afraid of them. Pay attention to any unusual sounds around you during a reading, as these may be a message for your client.

To really strengthen your psychic abilities, it might be a good idea to practice them outside of Tarot readings. Try to tap into your psychic nature whenever you can as this will help you hone your skills quicker.

Being a psychic Tarot reader may be an innate ability or it may develop over time. Regardless of if you’re born with these gifts or not, regularly practicing Tarot will improve your intuition.

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