The Year of the Monkey

Year of the Monkey

Monkeys often appear in many different stories from Chinese culture and history. They are wise and clever creatures and usually signify good fortune. Those born during the Year of the Monkey exhibit the animal’s inquisitive and mischievous nature. People born under the sign of the Monkey are friendly, wise, and energetic. They possess qualities that make them good leaders. However, their luck in life and elevated status can turn them arrogant and egotistical.

Basic Astrology Elements

Though most people are aware of the yearly assignment of the Chinese Zodiac signs, Chinese astrology digs deeper and each sign is also tied to a month, day, and hours. The sign of the year you were born represents how you present yourself, your birth month represents your inner self, the day of your birth is your true self, and the hour you were born reveals your secret self. Figuring out your 4 pillars can help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

The Monkey is in the 9th position of the 12-year cycle of the Chinese Zodiac.

Years of the Monkey: 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028

Earthly Branch of Birth Year: 申 Shen

Wu Xing (The Five Elements): Metal (Jin)

Yin Yang: Yang

Chinese Symbol: The Year of the Monkey Hóu

Season: Autumn

Lunar Month: 7th

Gregorian Date and Western Zodiac Equivalent: Aug 7-Aug22 Leo or Aug 23-Sep 7 Virgo

Solar Term and Longitude: 134° 立秋 lìqiū or 149° 處暑 chùshǔ

Hours (based on local solar time): 15:00 – 16:59 This is the time when Monkeys are lively

Days: Zodiac animal of the day you were born can be calculated here:

Personality Traits

People born during the Year of the Monkey possess quick wit, cleverness, and wisdom. These traits, along with their incredible luck and fortune throughout life, make monkeys excellent leaders. Monkeys seem to be very lucky when it comes to their positive characteristics and possess skills and talents many people find enviable. Though they are greatly admired, all the praise and adoration can get to a monkey’s head. They are often arrogant and condescending. Monkeys are also very mischievous and many people are turned offed by their eccentric antics.

Positive Traits: Enthusiastic, Self-Assured, Innovative, Optimistic, Sociable, Curious, Quick-witted, Intelligent

Negative Traits: Arrogant, Vain, Reckless, Snobbish, Jealous, Deceptive, Manipulative, Restless

Elemental Variations

Monkeys born during different years possess similar yet varying characteristics.

Metal Monkey: 1920 and 1980

Metal monkeys are open-minded, humorous, and versatile. They are one of the cleverest signs and find great success as entrepreneurs. Sometimes, though, they think that they’re smarter than they actually are and things can backfire for them. Metal monkeys are mischievous and enjoy playing tricks on people. While the metal monkey may find their pranks amusing, other’s do not and thus they have poor relationships. They have many obstacles in love and fare better if they wait until later in life for marriage. Though they aren’t lucky in wealth, they are good savers and can eventually build a fortune.

Water Monkey: 1932 and 1992

Water monkeys are the natural leaders of the monkey pack. They are highly intelligent and stand out in their work. Though they’re praise is well earned, they should be careful not to show too much pride and aggression. They are quick to give their opinion without thinking and often rub people the wrong way. Water monkeys are very popular among the opposite sex and have no trouble finding a partner. They are extremely lucky their whole lives in terms of wealth. They have poor relations with their siblings and have to be self-sufficient from an early age.

Fire Monkey: 1956 and 2016

Likely to achieve great things in their life, fire monkeys are ambitious, enthusiastic, bold, and brave. Fire monkeys usually have hard childhoods, but can find tremendous success after they escape their unfortunate circumstances. They are persistent and diligent in their careers. They boldly face any challenge that comes their way. Fire monkeys place great value on friendships. They’re very popular with the opposite sex and have many close friendships with members of the opposite sex. They have good luck with wealth and are good at saving money.

Earth Monkey: 1968

Never afraid of a challenge, earth monkeys are versatile, independent, and optimistic. They are strong willed individuals who often say things that offend those around them. In turn, they get defensive when others confront or question them. Earth monkeys often come from nothing and excel in their career through hard work. They do well even under great pressure. They have good luck in wealth and in receiving windfalls. Male earth monkeys are lucky in love, while female earth monkeys have unstable relationships.

Wood Monkey: 1944 and 2004

Wood monkeys are the most carefree monkeys. They wish for the carefree days of their youth to never end. They are smart, active, and ambitious. Wood monkeys love to play around and show off for others. Though they are generally sympathetic, wood monkeys are only help their friends in superficial ways. They feel uncomfortable digging too deep into a problem. In their careers, they are responsible and do their best to finish their work. They are often workaholics, seeking to overcompensate for their lack of confidence. Wood monkeys are extremely lucky in marriage and love. They love their partners passionately and deeply.

Career Options

Monkeys are adaptable and exhibit competence for almost any job. They are hard workers and enjoy challenges. They thrive in jobs where they are in the spotlight. They are smooth talkers with excellent communication skills. Monkeys enjoy novelty and do get bored and switch jobs often. They prefer pleasure to work and they would do well to find a career that is both enjoyable and rewarding.

Best Career Options: Professional Athlete, Lawyer, Actor, Journalist, Diplomat, Banker, Salesman, Real Estate


Monkeys are one of the most auspicious signs. Those born under the Year of the Monkey tend to have incredible luck throughout their lives, especially in their careers and wealth.

Lucky Numbers: 4, 7, 9

Lucky Colors: White, Gold, Blue

Lucky Flowers: Chrysanthemum, Crape-Myrtle, Aliums

Lucky Directions: North, Northwest, West

Lucky Days: The 14th and 28th of any Chinese lunar calendar month

Lucky Months: The 8th and 12th Lunar months

Unlucky Numbers: 2,5,8

Unlucky Colors: Red, Black, Grey, Dark Brown

Unlucky Directions: South, Southeast

Unlucky Months: The 7th and 11th Chinese Lunar month


Monkeys constantly crave new adventures and easily get bored. Due to their fleeting nature, they have trouble settling down. Once they do decide to settle down and find a suitable match, they are devoted to their partner. Their charm and optimism makes them attractive to the opposite sex. People interested in monkeys need to be patient and help calm their impetuous and irritable nature.

Best Matches: Rat, Dragon, Rooster

Monkeys do best with people who can tame their wild nature. Rats appreciate the Monkey’s character and help push them to achieve their goals. The Dragon shares the Monkey’s lofty ambitions and they work well together. Roosters cherish the monkey’s wisdom and complement their personality.

Worst Matches: Tiger, Pig, Snake

A monkey’s dominant personality always clashes with traits that are too similar and unyielding. Tigers and monkeys are both egocentric and neither can set their pride aside to make a relationship work. Pigs have trouble communicating and no matter how hard they try, they will never understand the Monkey. Snakes have personalities that are too similar to a monkey’s and they will always fight.

Good Friends: Rabbit, Horse, Ox

Monkeys actually have good relationships with most of the signs, but are close to people that can bring out the best of them. Horses are good-natured and their competitive spirit pushes the Monkey to be better. Rabbits and Monkeys share many common traits and have a fun, long lasting relationship. The practical and calm nature of the Ox is a good foil to the Monkey’s energy and the Ox helps to calm them.