The Tarot Card Suits & Its Elements

The Tarot Card Suits & Its Elements

The major purpose of Tarot card suits is to classify four chief spiritual life elements – earth, water, fire, and air – and the core features of life aligned to them. This ingenious form supports us in an elicit way of interpreting our reality through subtle nuances assisting our psyche, mind and soul.

On a daily basis, we deal with emotions, finances, health, relationships, and the hub of it all, our thoughts. Tarot reading helps gather oneself to his rationale and intentions. It essentially unleashes the full potential of our psyche to accomplish and carry out life as we want it to be.

Tarot card suits have four categories:

  1. Pentacles
  2. Cups
  3. Swords
  4. Wands

Suit of Pentacles is also known as coins or disks which symbolizes physical life or the material possessions, work, health and wealth. It represents the earth element with main aspects of prosperity, manifestation, and proof.

Suit of Cups represents the water element. This influences the emotional consciousness level of a person that deals with relationships, connections, feelings, empathy, and above all, love. This is also known as goblets and chalices.

Suit of Swords influences our life battles and represents the air element. It is associated with our challenges, whether constructive or destructive, and centers around power, force, and change. Also known as blades, this can cut us down or lead us to hurt someone if proper mind-setting is absent. This tarot suit assists our thoughts and judgments.

Suit of Wands represents fire. It talks about determination, ambition, strength, and anything related to moving forward or succeeding. Wands, like rods and staves, addresses the importance of personal energy and vigor, both internal and external, to go forth our dreams. It is associated with the realm of our spirits.