The Lotus Tarot Deck Cards and Meanings

The Lotus Tarot Deck Cards and Meanings

Alison Day, the creator of the Lotus Tarot website, created the Lotus Tarot deck of cards to go along with her own unique style of reading Tarot. The cards are based on the traditional cards of the Rider-Waite deck, but they have their own meanings and images which can be seen here: In addition to drawing influence from the Rider-Waite deck, the Major Arcana cards of the Lotus Tarot are influenced by cards from Paul Foster Case and his BOTA school of Tarot. The design on the Lotus Tarot cards is still a work in progress and once the artist is satisfied, a hard copy of the deck will be published.

The Major Arcana

The following is a general overview of the Major Arcana of the Lotus Tarot.

  • No. 0 – The Fool: represents a free spirit with a lust for life, knowledge, and adventure, who has little fear of taking risks
  • No. 1 – The Magician: marks a time for showing initiative and for new beginnings and opportunities that show great promise for the future
  • No. 2 – The High Priestess: our divine feminine, the goddess within; gut instinct, intuition or 6th sense; a ‘universal knowing’
  • No. 3 – The Empress: fruitful abundance, fertility and motherhood, emotional support, security, joy and prosperity
  • No. 4 – The Emperor: a man of significance in your life, such as a husband or lover; a powerful ally, someone who can influence people and events in their own favor
  • No. 5 – The Hierophant: a teacher or wise counsel – someone you may choose to turn to for help and guidance; the importance of being true to yourself
  • No. 6 – The Lovers: difficult (next to impossible) choices, choices that must be considered, sacrifices that must be made, and consequences that must be accepted
  • No. 7 – The Chariot: challenges or difficulties that you must work through or around, but with courage and determination the outcome is often victory
  • No. 8 – Strength: the need for you to show courage in the face of adversity and, more importantly, the courage and strength to be true to yourself; will-power, mental strength
  • No. 9 – The Hermit: the loneliness you feel at the time; don’t rush any decisions, take time out to think about and contemplate your options carefully
  • No. 10 – Wheel of Fortune: unexpected turns of fate and fortune; turns of fortune are beyond your control; expect an unexpected change in your fortune
  • No. 11 – Justice: legal issues or events; contracts and agreements; good omen for business deals and proposals
  • No. 12 – The Hanged Man: the need to make some kind of self-sacrifice, or indicates a need for you to give someone or something up; giving up negative attitudes
  • No. 13 – Death: an event or series of events or circumstances that may cause great disruption and possible upset, but which make transformation in its many forms inevitable
  • No. 14 – Temperance: the peace and tranquility we feel when our life is flowing calmly and happily in the right direction; balance logic and reason against strife and struggle
  • No. 15 – The Devil: destructive forces and unhealthy attachments; strong and unbreakable bonds; addictions of all sorts, and seeking pleasure and physical satisfaction
  • No. 16 – The Tower: an event or period of time that could be challenging and difficult but, as is so often the case, one disaster can often lead to a new victory
  • No. 17 – The Star: optimism, hope and unexpected gifts; heralds a time of more positive opportunities and happy outcomes
  • No. 18 – The Moon: confusion and mixed emotions; take a step back and view your situation from a different perspective and with a calmer logic; powerful feelings
  • No. 19 – The Sun: happiness through enjoying time with family, friends and loved ones, or perhaps holidays and celebrations; good news concerning children
  • No. 20 – Judgment: resurrection and awakening, a time when a phase or period of our life comes to an absolute end making way for dynamic new beginnings
  • No. 21 – The World: can herald the arrival of your heart’s desire – a time of completion and fulfillment; respect and recognition

The Minor Arcana

The following is an overview of the suits of the Minor Arcana.


The Wands represent the spark plugs of the Tarot, the spark of creativity and the birth of an idea. The Wands are oriented toward action, growth and the realization of your dreams.


The Cups represent your personal outlook with respect to your emotional feelings and your tendency to think with your heart rather than with your head. This includes the connection to love, friendships and relationships, which exert such a strong pull on your decisions. You’ll be spontaneous or slow in your reactions, depending on what your heart relays to you.


The Swords usually indicate a struggle or conflict, or a possible decision that you’ll need to make about separating from past attachments. There is a strong desire to find the truth that will shed light on your situation, so you’ll act on it and find closure.


The Pentacles represent your desire for material success, good health, and a happy home life.

The Lotus Tarot deck from Alison Day is a modern Tarot deck that stays true to the classic Tarot traditions like Rider-Waite, yet has its own meanings that fit the lives of today’s people.

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