Tarot Predictions – Can the Cards Unveil Your Future?

Tarot Predictions – Can the Cards Unveil Your Future

The common way people use and consult with tarot is to predict their future. It becomes an ordinary belief that the cards in the tarot can predict our future, and offer solutions for the problems, issues we may or may not face in the future. The reality is that tarot predictions don’t offer solutions, but guidance for life. Through tarot, one can find his spiritual self and see what lies ahead of him/her. Hence, when anticipating something, we are better prepared to face it.

For the best tarot predictions, a complex tarot spread is required. The more cards there are on the spread, the more comprehensive and insightful the reading and prediction is. However, most of the people use the common three card spread for tarot predictions. There are several free online tarot tools where people can get their predictions in a matter of minutes. How they interpret and implement their tarot predictions in their life is the challenge.

The Three Card spread for Tarot Predictions

The three card spread is the simplest and easiest way to get tarot predictions. The client draws three cards, and the practitioner/reader interprets them. The first card represents the past stage of a problem. The second card represents the current state of mind, and the struggles, while the third one represents the result of the query and the guidelines how to get there.

The Past

The card explains the past according to the context of the question. It is recommended to look at what energies and circumstances got you to the point where are you now in life. The goal is to do it without blame or regret, instead just do an objective observation. Only by being an objective observer, one can create the future he/she desires

The Present

Since the present is result of past actions, the second card in the tarot predictions is associated with the first one. The question the card asks is where you are now. Many might answer they know where they are, but the idea here is to look and focus on energies. The end result is to change the things you like and do not like.

The Future

The third card is the end result of tarot predictions. This is where people get a glimpse into the future, in what lies ahead. It is important to note that the events in the future are not destined to happen. They can be changed. The answer to the question gives guidelines and assistance how to reach the goal. It never gives a solution to the problem.