Tarot Court Cards

Tarot Court Cards

Tarot Court Cards are basically the representation of people and their characters. They depict people. Most beginners of Tarot reading find Court Cards confusing and complex to interpret. But, with proper introduction and understanding of the fundamentals of each Court Card, connecting with any of them would cause you no more fuss on your next reading.

There is a total of 16 Court Cards in every standard Tarot deck. But, in every Minor Arcana suit, you’ll find four Court Cards namely the Page, the Knight, the Queen, and the King.

Court Cards do not just represent people. They also embody the maturity level of a person signifying his or her journey. It becomes a powerful influence to the entire reading. It leads to the core issue affecting the circumstances – the aspects of a particular personality.

The Page

The Page Court Card symbolizes ungrounded behavior and underdeveloped qualities. This card’s meaning would still depend alongside the other cards in the spread. Depending on its surrounding cards, it can either mean as a new opportunity to improve one’s maturity or the need for the person to recognize the changes in his life so he can grow with the world. The interpretation would mainly rely on the major issues revealed in the Tarot spread.

The Knight

The Knight Court Card represents a stronger personality that symbolizes leadership, growth, and adventure, but not yet completely formed as the Page. It reflects change, motion, and challenges.

The Queen

It is easy to read a Queen Court Card. It speaks of the inner being reflecting a strong internal energy. This is where ideals and principles come from that are extremely valuable to human existence. A little less action-oriented, but is as powerful as the King.

The King

The most powerful of all, the commander, the King. He leads, takes charge, and holds accountable for every single decision. The highest expression in all suits. The master of external force.