Tarot Card Suit of Swords

Tarot Card Suit of Swords

Tarot Suit of Swords represents the element of Air. It has a “frightful” reputation that makes it a strong card mix to other suits giving the spread a whole new perspective and meaning beyond the surface.

This suit deals with the sphere of our thoughts, communication, and social interactions. It can either be a matter of conflict, discord, or dilemma in making decisions. Essentially, it encourages your inner strength to radiate. Don’t fuss when you see a sword card in your spread. It is a challenge that you can overcome by entertaining the right thoughts in your mind and freeing yourself up from your irrational fears.

We present below brief meanings to each card in the Suit of Swords as your guide.

Ace of Swords

  • Upright: Victory attainment, success.
  • Reversed: Confusion, uncertainty, rivalry.

Two of Swords

  • Upright: Doubt over decisions, apathy, chaotic relationships.
  • Reversed: Possessiveness, close-mindedness.

Three of Swords:

  • Upright: Unwanted love affairs, broken relationships.
  • Reversed: Disagreements. It encourages open communication for both parties.

Four of Swords:

  • Upright: Stress. This card encourages you to take a breather and relax.
  • Reversed: Weariness, poor health.

Five of Swords:

  • Upright: Betrayal, abandonment, tension, defeat.
  • Reversed: Heightened up conflicts, past resentment. Deal with arguments in a logical manner.

Six of Swords:

  • Upright: Loss and sadness resulting to clarity.
  • Reversed: Difficulty moving on.

Seven of Swords:

  • Upright: Stealth, self-centeredness.
  • Reversed: Difficulty to break free from unbalanced mental state.

Eight of Swords:

  • Upright: Isolation, social discord.
  • Reversed: Self-acceptance and change.

Nine of Swords:

  • Upright: Emotional breakdown, severe anxiety.
  • Reversed: Losing sight of opportunities. It encourages ruling over your fears rather than allowing them to take over.

Ten of Swords:

  • Upright: Failure, disaster, betrayal.
  • Reversed: Painful ending. It encourages self re-evaluation and refocusing your energy to positive things.

Page of Swords:

  • Upright: Passion, enthusiasm, excitement.
  • Reversed: Impulsiveness, recklessness.

Knight of Swords:

  • Upright: Manifestation of ideologies, accountability, compassion.
  • Reversed: This card encourages a pause in your goal to avoid exhaustion that can lead to its dismantle.

Queen of Swords:

  • Upright: Mature intellect, emotional understanding.
  • Reversed: Unclear visions.

King of Swords:

  • Upright: Authority and intellectual power.
  • Reversed: Misuse of power, lack of decisiveness.