Tarot Card Suit of Cups

Tarot Card Suit of Cups

Ruling the Suit of Cups is the element of water and is symbolically connected to the West direction. Also known as goblets, chalices, cauldrons, mainly anything that can hold water is considered as Tarot Cups. Fundamentally, this interprets thoughts, relationships, and actions out of receptive feelings. It dominantly concerns the matters of the heart, psyche, and emotions.

Let’s take a look at some of the Suit of Cups cards and their meanings so you could interpret which one manifests for you.

Ace of Cups

Upright: It marks the arrival of a new love and good fortune. It has a positive nuance that indicates a blessing, empathy and forgiveness.

Reversed: May indicate sadness and disappointment.

Two of Cups

Upright: It depicts a strong bond between people or any partnership. It’s about coexistence.

Reversed: Can point toward building walls between you and someone.

Three of Cups

Upright: It is a picture of celebration and gratitude for having a successful relationship.

Reversed: It depicts discord and conflict.

Four of Cups

Upright: May indicate a new, budding relationship.

Reversed: It depicts a dysfunctional relationship.

Five of Cups

Upright: It indicates sacrifice for saving an important relationship.

Reversed: Can mean despair and regret.

Six of Cups

Upright: It indicates a happy reunion to our past. It can also describe one’s generosity and nostalgia.

Reversed: Not being able to enjoy your present life because you are unrealistically stuck in your past life.

Seven of Cups

Upright: It tells not to rely on illusions when it comes to forming your dreams in life.

Reversed: It indicates refusals and temptations.

Eight of Cups

Upright: It depicts your pursuit to life satisfaction. It speaks of transition and change.

Reversed: May depict surrender and hopelessness.

Nine of Cups (a.ka. “The Wish Card”)

Upright: It means happiness and inspiration to dream big and make it happen.

Reversed: Greed, restlessness

Ten of Cups

Upright: A fresh start.

Reversed: Distress or disruption.

Page of Cups

Upright: Beginning of a creative venture.

Reversed: Unfocused emotions, temperament, and impatience

Knight of Cups

Upright: Rapid development of an existing or new relationship.

Reversed: The need for external validation and self-discontentment.

Queen of Cups

Upright: Positive intuition and emotional security.

Reversed: Disconnection and being a fantasist.

King of Cups

Upright: Emotional state balance.

Reversed: Self-deception, confusion, and out of control.