The Sun Tarot Card Meaning

The Sun


accomplishment, success, fortune, love, joy, happy marriage, satisfaction, contentment


adequacy, survival, balance, achievement

Visual Description of The Sun:

The Sun card is full of the vibrancy of life. A naked child sits on a calm white horse. They represent a connection to the inner child, vitality, strength and purity as the human aspect can harmoniously join its animalistic side.

The Sun itself shines down happily on four flourishing sunflowers which represent the four suits of the Minor Arcana and the four elements. All is happy and joyous in this card, working together in full enlightenment. Everything is connected under the vitality of the rays of the Sun which brings life to all things on Earth.


Divinatory Meaning of The Sun:

Upright Meaning of The Sun Tarot Card:

The Fool has mastered his shadow self and the darkness of disillusionment is vanishing as he realises that all is connected in life. He is pure and free to follow his higher calling, which ultimately results in a happy and fulfilled existence. Similarly, the querent has come to terms with the dark aspects of themselves and they have transformed their inner beast into a source of strength and purity. They are looking at the world through new eyes and everything is beautiful and bountiful.

“Let the love you’re currently feeling exude into your personal relationships. Show the people that you care about how much they actually mean to you. If you aren’t feeling the power of The Sun in your life yet, don’t worry, the darkness will dissipate soon. And once it does everything will go even better than you expected.

The Sun brings a period of abundance and joy in all aspect of your life. You’ll feel like a child as the responsibilities of life seem easier to deal with and you are rewarded for your efforts. Nothing will stand in your way while the illuminating Sun is on your side.”

The Sun brings enlightenment to the querent in the form of innocent acceptance. In many ways children are wise in their approach to situations. If they cannot change it they accept it and see the beauty in everything. This pure and simple conception of the world brings about a state of Nirvana for the querent.


Reversed Meaning of The Sun Tarot Card:

The Sun reversed indicates that the querent is stifling their inner child. While adequate results will still be achieved with The Sun in reverse true satisfaction, as with The Sun in upright position, will only be achieved if the querent allows themself the freedom of expression that is characterised by a playing child.

“You’re reaching your goals, but it’s as though something is still missing. You are where you want to be on a physical level, but you remain unfulfilled on a Spiritual and emotional level. You have everything you need to be happy, but still you’re not…

It’s because you’re being too hard on yourself. You’ve worked hard and now it’s time to let your hair down and relax a little. Let your inner child come out to play. Free up your creativity and express the emotions that are hiding just beneath the surface. Life is about more than just reaching your goals, it’s about taking the time to stop and look at how beautiful everything is.”

As The Sun card is about illumination and enlightenment and in reverse it indicates that some of these aspects are still hidden the querent may find answers if they spend some time in the sun, taking a walk alone in nature, where they can let their inner emotions come out and express themselves without fear of being judged.