Star of David

Star of David

According to the Hebrew, the Star of David is also known as the Shield of David. In the contemporary world, the symbol is known as a sign of Judaism religion and Jewish identity. The sign of the Shield of David compost of two equal triangles, thereby taking the hexagram shape. The symbol became common during the 19th century among the Jewish communities in Europe. The widespread was the imitation of the Christian religion’s cross. The symbol was inherited by the Kabbalists from the medieval Arabic literature. The Christians also used the motif, later in the Jewish synagogue for decoration. Finally, the Star of David motif was made a representation of the Zionist Community globally.



star of davidThe symbol of the Star of David is an ancient sign of decoration backdated to the 3rd century in Israel. The hexagram-shaped was used in the synagogue an architectural ointment. In the synagogue, the symbol was a representation of mezuzah. The symbol gain meaning during the 11th century among the Jewish, when the design was used on the Tanakh manuscript’s carpet page. By 1307, the logo also formed a decoration on the medieval Tanakh manuscript of Rabbi Yosef bar Yudah from Spain.


The Star of David or the Shield of David was used in the 11th century to mean God of Israel. The term was considered Divine according to the Siddur, the Jewish Prayer book. In the book, the phrase means divine protection of King David (Psalm18:31-36), where David was compared with the shield

The description and usage

Symbol of Judaism

The use of the symbol followed a written Der Judenstaat by Herzl (1896), which he asserted that there is a need for a standard white flag bearing seven golden stars. The seven stars were to represent their working days while the white color as a representation of a pure and new life. In 1897, the symbol chose an image of First Zionist Congress. Afterward, the symbol was adopted to represent the worldwide Zionist community. The symbol is a representation of the Jewish community and a sign of the belief.

Use in Sports

In the world of sports, the Star of David plays a significant role. From 1948, the symbol has been used a representation of Israel as a nation and Jewish community. In some parts of the United States continue to be employed by some athletes as a sigh of lateness. In National Basket Association, Stoudemire has the tattoo as a symbol of being spiritual and identity to the Jewish culture. In boxing, the symbol was used by Mike Rossman as the world champion boxer because the sign is considered as the victory.

Central European communities’ usage

In 1354, King Charles IV of Bohemia (Hungary) made for the Jews a red flag bearing Shield of David and the seal of Solomon. In middle of 1400, the Jews got a new king, Matthias Convinus and crowned him using flag which had two stars and two David’s Shields. In 1512, the Hebrew had the first prayer books which embed the hexagram. After the Battle of Prague in 1648, the Jewish were given the flag a sign of city’s defense.


The Shield of David symbol (yellow-colored) was used as an identification method for the Jewish people by the Naziz after Poland was invaded by the German (1939). Any Jew found with that budget was to be given a severe punishment. On the other hand, some Jewish made the signs willingly as a sign of anti-Semitism.

Contemporary use

The Israel’s flag bears the David’s Shield which was adopted back in 1948 after attaining independence. They also used the same flag as Flag of Zion which means never shaken. Among the modern Orthodox synagogues, the flag of Israel with two strips and star in the center both blue color is placed near the Ark of the Covenant. Besides, the Red David’s Shield has been used to date as the official medical emergency and disaster sign.

The usage among Kabbalists

In the 3rd century, the Jewish used the hexagram as a tombstone in Taranto, Italy. The Apulia Jewish was known for the expert in Kabbalah which had a connection to the Shield of David. In the 1600s, during the era of Renaissance, Kabbalah of Ha- Ari managed to arrange the items on the Passover plate which were a mystical sign according to the Jewish.


Simply, the symbol has roots in the ancient days. Through the adoption of the sign by Judaism religion and States like the Israel, the David’s Shield has relevance to date. Also, the symbol is dynamic and worldwide used by sportsmen and women as a sign of identity and victory.

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