Numerology and Tarot: How Are They Linked?

Numerology and Tarot: How Are They Linked

Numerology and tarot are both ancient philosophies. Numerology is many centuries old, and tarot is a pretty old movement itself. Even though they are different philosophies, they share some similarities. One similarity is distinctly noticeable because tarot cards in the Minor Arcana have numbers, and those numbers are based on the principles of numerology. Tarot and numerology work hand in hand to deliver the most accurate reading possible. Because of this, a tarot numerology reading can provide insight into a person’s goals, hopes, and dreams.

How Are Numbers Read?

To read the numbers and understand the connection between numerology and tarot, one must follow a few simple rules. In the Minor Arcana, it is very simple and straightforward; aces equal one, and then, the cards are numbered. Tens can count as either a one or a zero. A numerology Tarot reading is easier to understand when you consider meanings listed below. In the Major Arcana, digits are added together to a single digit. These rules help tie together tarot and numerology.

Numerology and Tarot Meaning

It is important to have a clear idea of what each number represents in order to understand the connection to numerology in tarot.

  • Zero: The symbol of nothing, zero is a powerful number. The number indicates freedom from limitations.
  • One: A symbol for new beginnings, creation, potential, willpower, and organized people. If there are many ones in the reading, a situation is about to develop.
  • Two: Balance, love, partnership, purpose, diplomacy, agreement, and unselfishness are some of the readings associated with the number two in numerology and tarot. It can indicate a reunion or a waiting period.
  • Three: Associated with optimism, abundance, inspiration, creativity, communication, spontaneous people, freedom-seeking, and intelligent people, the number indicates a situation where more than one person is involved.
  • Four: Some of the characteristics associated with the number four are patience, devotion, stability, concentration, planning, realistic values, and justice. Four means that the result of an idea is visible or the foundation is set.
  • Five: This number is associated with versatility, new cycles, change, courage, sympathetic people, and conflict. Five is also associated with material prosperity. More than one, fives in a reading indicate that a change is coming.
  • Six: The number of communication, balance, adjustment, harmony, family, protection, and compassion, six indicates the ability of a person to transcend difficulties. Many sixes represent adjustment to conditions.
  • Seven: This number is associated with faith in things that cannot be seen but exist. Some of the attributes of the number include spirituality, wisdom, intuition, mysticism, solitude, and high observation skill.
  • Eight: Linked with karma, free will, and true justice, this number is associated with the power from within. More than one number eight in a reading indicates positive change, whether in mind or status.
  • Nine: The number of universal love, nine indicates that situations and events are closer to the end or, if they are finished, a new challenge awaits. Some characteristics associated with this number are selflessness, fruition, compassion, sympathy, and responsibility
  • Ten: This number can be read as a ten or as a one (1 + 0 = 1). This is an important rule to note when it comes to tarot card numerology. Tens are seen as ones but on a higher level.

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