Leo Love Horoscope

Leo Love Horoscope

General Overview

  • The 5th sign in the Zodiac
  • Symbol: The Lion
  • Date: July 23rd – August 22nd
  • Element: Fire
  • Quality: Fixed
  • Ruling Planet: The Sun
  • Color: Gold, Orange, White, Red
  • Day: Sunday
  • Body part: Heart, Upper Back, Spine
  • Strengths: generous, cheerful, creative, courageous, protective
  • Weaknesses: sloppy, wasteful, inflexible, arrogant, jealous

Leos are expressive and outgoing people. They have a charismatic and magnetic personality that is hard to resist. They are good problem solvers who use their minds to solve difficult tasks. Leos are always vying for people’s attention. They love nothing more than to upstage others and shine brightly. Sometimes they forget how valuable and important other people are; they never give them the credit that they deserve. Though they are fun and charming people, Leos can be too self-involved.
Leo is the sign that inspires us to be passionate about our loved ones and projects. As a fire sign, rising during the peak of summer, Leo turns up the intensity of things. They are fierce and fiery people who will protect those they love. Though they’re loyal and protective, their ego often gets the better of them. Leos can develop big heads and turn cold and arrogant.

In Love

Leos are passionate and straightforward people. They seek partners who are equally confident. Since Leo loves the spotlight so much, they need someone who is willing to take a back seat and let Leo shine brightly. However, their partner can’t be a pushover and needs to be fun and match Leo’s intelligence. Leos love being in love and enjoy showing their partner off to anyone who will listen. They crave exciting and pleasurable relationships; anyone dull and boring is a major turn off. It’s hard for Leo to find someone who can keep up with Leo’s constant need for attention. Leos aren’t too picky as long as their partner worships everything about them. They’re willing to settle and ignore someone’s flaws as long as that person is doting. When a Leo does settle down, they are fiercely loyal to their partner.

How to Attract Leo Men

Above anything else, a Leo man wants to be treated like a king. If you really want to catch a Leo’s eye, a big, dramatic declaration of love is the way to go. Leo will take great pleasure in all the attention. If you shower a Leo with respect and affection, in return, he will shower you with gifts of flowers, jewelry, and chocolate. To win his heart, you must prove that you are worthy of Leo’s love. Leos are vain and appealing to his vanity will bring him great joy. Because he thinks himself so splendid, he wants a partner who is equally attractive. Leo men are eternal bachelors and enjoy playing the field for many years. Since they are so handsome and charming, many women find Leos attractive. You’ll have a lot of competition, but if you can match his high standards, you’ll end up on top.

How to Attract Leo Women

Just like Leo men, Leo women want to be treated like Queens. They are warm-hearted people who just want to be loved and admired. Lavish your Leo lady with attention and adoration and she’ll be yours forever. You need to compliment her often and shower her with luxurious gifts. Leos can be a little demanding and she will expect to be the center of your world. She needs someone who is willing to accept her flaws, but also cherish and praise her for her strengths. Never be stingy with a Leo and give all of yourself to her, and she will do the same for you. A Leo woman is dominant, so allow her to lead and make decisions.

Best Match: Sagittarius

Sagittarius is equally as passionate as Leo is and knows how to have fun. These two signs will always be on the go, partaking in grand adventures. They both know how to keep things light and they will never burden the other with heavy emotional issues. They both have very active social lives and they will enjoy bringing their friends together. Both of these signs will feel free enough to show their true personalities around each other and they will build up the other’s self-esteem. They will trust each other implicitly and will rarely be jealous. Sagittarius is willing and eager to lavish Leo with all the attention they crave. They are both good communicators and can talk about everything and anything. This will be a passionate relationship where each of them values the other’s character.

Worst Match: Scorpio

Scorpio and Leo both have strong personalities that will clash at every opportunity. Scorpio is too stubborn and has a very strong point of view. Neither will yield to the other and both will want to be the leader in the relationship. Though Scorpio also enjoys having fun, they will be stingy with their compliments and jealous of Leo’s flirting. Scorpio focuses too much on their career and will never have time to give Leo the attention they need. They will always have trouble finding a middle ground. Though they don’t care for each other much, they respect each other and know how to behave civilly. No matter how hard they try, Leo and Scorpio will quarrel over everything.